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Why does everyone pick on illegal immigrants, esp Mexicans?

I personally couldn't care less about immigration and I don't have a problem with it as long as it's legal. It seems to me that White America has the biggest problem with it. But lets, not point fingers..truth be told Europeans were the first illegal immagrants...ask any Native American.

Can't we all just get along?

Love your neighbor as thy self.


I’m not saying that ALL White Americans have a problem with it. Turn on the television, read the paper, or other posts on this site….how many non whites are complaining?

Update 2:


"There were no laws or governments back then" Get your facts straight THERE WERE TRIBAL LAWS AND GOVERNMENTS, europeans didn't respect their laws.

Update 3:


80% of Americans are anti illegal immigration. What survey was this? I never participated in it and neither have most people I know. I live in a predominantly white neighbor hood and don't recall a government official going door to door taking an immigration survey? Maybe it was done in your neighborhood, or perhaps Beverly Hills, Detroit, and Chinatown for the sake of diversity.

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    God bless you the angel of truth has spoken!

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    I personally couldn't care less about immigration and I don't have a problem with it as long as it's legal. But it shows the lack of respect for the country and it's people when the very first thing they do in this country is break our laws by coming here illegally

    It's shows just how they feel when they come here without regard to our laws and a large majority of them expect us to conform to the language expect to recieve all the benefits (medical, government assistance and so on).but they are not willing to pay there taxes and all the other down sides we as americans have to do.

    by no means am I racist but try to go to mexico illegally for that matter try to become a mexican national people think were racist towards them I think people honestly need to look across the boarder to see the real racism....

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    Well you didn't see the rally I seen, their were blacks, Mexicans and whites at this rally, they will not show this on the news. The Mexicans are also supposed to love thy neighbor, but all they do is break our laws and spread diseases, how long are we supposed to take this abuse. and I am so tired of hearing the Europeans were the first illegal immigrants, and for the hundredth time their were no governments or laws back then, but their is now, we are a sovereign nation, just like Mexico can't you understand this. Mexico sure enforces it's laws and they are much stricter. If people were flooding into Mexico they would be in prison then deported, plus they would have their army on the border like they do on their southern border.

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    Because the economy is not doing too good. The immigrants are used as scapegoats for economic problems, while the obvious culprits - the Bush administration - are flat out being left out of the blame by many misinformed individuals. The Bush admin after all has hit a historical record in excessive spending and budget deficit and yes this does contribute tremendously to the general bad economic woes.

    And to those that say that "Billions" of dollars are being spent on illegals, well that's just a gross exaggeration to say the least. Actually the illegal workforce is SAVING Americans billions of dollars by their ultra-cheap labor.

    Everyone should know by now that those Billions are being spent in Iraq and defense - not on illegals, as a matter of fact, programs that help the average low-income American have been drastically cut to pay for defense programs.


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    Illegal aliens have nothing in common with Europeans who came here centuries ago. The settlers that came form England were fleeing an unfair government back then. Why are illegals coming here? They are not fleeing a war or anything like that. They are coming here to drain our economy, get health care, education and other benefits. I do not hate them, but, their government needs to supply them with a working wage and stop relying on the USA. I will let you know, go to an IHS facility and ask there what most "Native Americans" really think about illegal immigration. They would put your theory to rest. Have a great day though!

    Source(s): JD Hayworth campaign asked me by telephone my opinions of illegal immigration. You need to be a registered voter. They are asking how you would vote on this topic. FYI....
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    You may very well not care but think about how much money it costs. How many billions are being spent annually to accomidate them. You have to have written information and translators for all of their interactions and translations. You have to provide free healht care and social services. You have to endure the possiblity of criminal backgrounds and activities. And for what ?

    The poor working class spent generations trying to build a unionization base so that they could get the health benefits, vacations, retirement packages, seniority, stock buy-ins, an *hour work day, a 5 day work week and many other considerations you now take for granted! they got those because they didn't run away from hard times. They fought their way through hard times!

    Ten or twenty years from now, that could all diappear because immigrant scabbs are the insergents attacking the underclass, which by the way also effects Housing and Educational Standards!

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    "I personally couldn't care less about immigration and I don't have a problem with it as long as it's legal"

    That is the point. Illegal immigrants are not legal. No one wants to stop legal immigration its the illegal immigration that people are pissed at. One of the basic components of a sovereign nation is the ability to maintain the integrity of its borders. And we certianly can get along, but people need to obey the law to do so.

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    The issue of immigration is one of illegal immigration. You said yourself you have no trouble with legal immigration and neither do most other people.

    The deal is this; we let 12 + million people break our laws, use our systems, and be a part fo this country in violation of the rules of law. If the border means nothing to them; if our laws mean nothing to them; then what is next? I mean seriously - if you want to let 12 million people have amnesty then I want to be one of the first of the next 12 million that just don't pay their taxes and can I have amnesty too? I mean what is fair should be fair for all right?

    And it does not matter that they are Mexican, Chinese, or matters that they broke our laws and expect us to look the other way.

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    I dont know where you get your info. from. But 80% of americans are anti-illegal immigration an that whites an blacks an latinos an the legal immigrants an all other races. An yes im anti- illegal immigration. If they want to come here they have to do it the legal way or dont bothering to come

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    This is America first of all we dont know how to get along. What is immagrants I have had responces to this question and most people said that is someone who does not go by the law of the states. But if thats the case then America itself it an immagrant cause the people of America not even half of them goes by the laws.

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    I don't think 'everyone' picks on illegal immigrants.....but it seems to be happening more............this is a very serious issue, morally and economically for our country.

    There are some people that are fearful of people that are different than them or speak a different language. There's been fear and suspicion for over a 100 years that new people who arrive from other countries will threaten their jobs and their American Way of Life......Italians, Irishmen, Chinese, Japanese, Jews have all been treated historically with the upmost distrust and bigotry.......and now Mexicans, and others south of the border are feeling the same distrust...................The ironic thing is, is that these very people are, and will always be the backbone of our country. Who built the railroads?....Who planted the farms?....who is responsible for planting and harvesting the food we buy at the local Safeway and enjoy at our tables?........and why is it relatively cheap? can thank these very people for their commitment to their extremely hard work ethic for very little pay.............and then..they have to suffer the injustice of bigots and small minded people who have trouble getting off the couch to turn off the Maury Show...........Ignorance is rampant in this country...........makes me at first sad.....then angry................!

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