How to make the chigger bite go away sooner?

I just learned that putting clear nail polish on chigger bites will kill the chiggers, but how can I make the red spot go away faster? I got biten 2 years ago and up til now i can stlil see dark spots on my legs, and yesterday i got biten again... help!

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    while nail polish will keep the air from hitting it and ease the itching doesn't treat the itch from the source. My suggestion is to get some hydrocortisone cream and apply every 4 should control the redness and itching somewhat. Another thing to try would be benadryl cream...also good for itching.

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    Chigger bitten me all over my foot. We tried everything! The first was nail polish, tried soaking in Bleach solution, Chigger Rid, all kind of over the counter stuff. Also the shoe... Wash all the clothing & shoes very throughly. None of the above helped, but the bleach treatment landed us a trip to the Emergency Room with a really nasty Chemical Burn. NEVER DO THAT!!! OUCH!

    Best thing we're told is be prepaired....Tuch pants into socks, apply a deet spray to clothing, and wash twice & then apply antiseptic to parts that may have or have been exposed. For more information go to the MAYO Clinics website for Chiggers. Very Helpful information

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    In some areas of the country you can go to your nearest over the counter medication store and buy a product called "Chigger Rid". Or if you want the cheap version, a bottle of clear nail polish will do the same thing. Apply a thin coat of clear nail polish to the bite and let it dry. It helps the itching because it smothers the mite that has burrowed under your skin causing the bump.

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    I found that waterless hand cleaner works pretty well on relieving the itching caused by gnat bites. Perhaps it will help with chiggers as well.

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    i have always used fingernail polish remover to help with them. this is going to sound weird but my dad used colorox just a cap full and a q-tip to rub it on and they dried up

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    Dont you realize that you get chigger bites from sitting in the grass? STOP SITTING IN THE GRASS FOR CRAP SAKES!

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    Have you been shaving your legs without shaving cream?

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