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what hair products are good for biracials?

i am biracial,but i dont have the thick and long hair. i have thin, a little longer then to my sholder hair. it does curl but not as good and pretty as the thick long hair does,and it is hard to silk. it get puffy and wont lay down right.and i cant find anything to work for me. my sister went on the net and found sites for mixed hair but its a lot of money. help!!!!!!!

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    There are lots of things you can use but particularly PCA products. They are sold in Smart Styles inside of Wal Mart

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    It's not the just the type of shampoo you use but also the conditioner and most importantly the type of hair cut/style you have. Without really seeing your hair it's hard to tell what you need. "Biracial" hair can be any type of hair. I would suggest, to go to a hairdresser and ask them. If your hair is thin don't use heavy conditioners. The right cut can do wonders for your hair type.

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    great for curly hair on mixed girls


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