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Can I get medical treatment in jail?

I'm an injured worker who has been denied medical treatment from worker's compensation................


Thax Jib, I already got two lawyers.........

Update 2:

Thank you to all who have responded.

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    only that which is deemed needed by the jail or prison medcial personell , and in some jails you are billed for it.

    on workers comp, it can take years ( sadly) to get to court and to settle. In my own case where my employer was contesting it, it took me over 5 years to recieve any money, I could not get the better doctors, but had to get the ones that would treat me at all, I lost my house, my car and ended up going bankrupt over all of it.

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    Why? Are u going to jail or are u going to commit a crime to go to jail to aquire medical treatment, because u were denied medical treatment from Wrk./ comp.

    The answer to your ? is yes u will get medical treatment in jail depending on what treatment u require.If it's a minor thing u may have to wait 4 an assesment. If it;s a serious medical problem u may be treated in a timely manner.

    I wouldn't go to jail just 4 med./trmt. A bad idea.

    There are lots of other ways 2 get medical help, such as (depending on your State/Province.) Medicaid, Welfare & Free Clinics that treat people if they are financially not able too themselves.


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    good question! Do not do anything to cause u to go to jail and just hire a lawyer that might be able to get you some compensation!

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    going to jail to get medical treatment seems a little extreme. But yea it would get that.

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    They are required by law to give you medical treatment if it's something that is medically necessary.

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    If your talking about a county jail yes but there is a chance you could die first and that's no lie and I'm not exaggerating.

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    if you are aressted and in jail you will rcieve the medical treatment if so warranted if you are ill or injured,you will recieve immediate treatment

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    This is strange because just today after I arrested someone, a lady in the "Rubber Room" wanted me to call her an ambulance. I said, "YOUR AN AMBULANCE."

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    At work, you have to open doors yourself.

    In prison, a guard opens them for you, like a gentleman.

    At work, you have to bring you own food.

    In prison, they feed you for free.

    At work, you'd be fired for watching tv all day.

    In prison, they encourage people to sit quietly and watch tv.


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