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could you help me with some book recommendations?

i would like fictional books that have to do with Egyptian tales, they can be for any age, but not hard to follow, thanks!

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    These are great: there is a collection by Elizabeth Peters, that is set in Egypt, around the beginning of the 20th century. There is a family, the Emersons, and they constantly are getting wound up in the middle of a mystery. Great read! And it can be enjoyed by many ages.

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    Does your town have a library? If so, pay a visit. The librarian will show you where the fiction books are and help you with suggestions on topics since fiction is usually filed alphabetically by author. You might also find some good reads in the history section dealing with Egypt, not all non-fiction is dry and dull.

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    Dragonjousters series(joust,alta,sanctuary) by Mercedes Lackey.The setting is ancient Egypt.Hunger, anger, and hatred are constants for young Vetch, rendered a brutally mistreated and overworked serf by the Tian conquest of his homeland. But everything improves when a Tian jouster requisitions Vetch to become the first serf ever to be a dragon boy. His training is intense, and his duty clear-cut: to tend his jouster, Ari, and his dragon, Kashet. He discovers that, because Ari himself had hatched Kashet, the dragon is different from others that have been captured live in the wild and must be drugged to be made tractable. Vetch finds he really likes and understands dragons, and soon he becomes the best dragon boy of all. He still harbors anger, however, toward the Tian invasion. Could he, perhaps, hatch a dragon, and then escape to help his people?

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    There's a good series of novels by Elizabeth Peters, the Amelia Peabody series, about a family of archaeologists studying Egyptian tombs in the 1800s that are interesting and humorous.

    And I agree with the earlier answer--just about any of Pauline Gedge's books are great. They're actually set in ancient Egypt.

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    There's a British author named Pauline Gedge who writes lots of historical novels set in ancient Egypt. You can get them on Amazon; also, you can get them used really cheaply. IF you want some real stuff on ancient Egypt you should find the books by Joyce Tyldesley, who is also a Brit, I think. She has two wonderful books on Queen Nefertiti and on Queen Hatshepsut.

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    Tamara Bower wrote HOW THE AMAZON QUEEN FOUGHT THE PRINCE OF EGYPT. It is a great picture book. (Released in 2005).

    When Queen Serpot learns that an Egyptian army is nearby and planning to fight her Amazons, she sends her sister, disguised as a man, to infiltrate their camp and report back. With this inside information, she is able to command her troops successfully against Prince Pedikhons, the Egyptian general. He demands that she fight him one-on-one; she agrees taunting, "You will be to me as an insect in the mouth of a bird. I will smash your face into your neck. I will break your legs into your heels!" They fight to a draw, and he finds that he has fallen in love with this woman who is literally his equal in every way.

    This fascinating recreation of a partial Egyptian text is an amazingly transparent and generous introduction to historical and literary reconstruction. The author incorporates the hieroglyphs, phonetic transcriptions, and literal translations, as well as the Anglicized translation (in bold type) within the story. The illustrations are in the style of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Bower includes a note about the story, a note on hieroglyphs, maps, a page by page explanation of symbols, and a selection for future reading.

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    Try "The Anubis Gates", by Tim Powers. This is Science Fiction, so don't expect historical accuracy, but it is an excellent read.

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    50 Cents is a good book

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    the golden goblet... i can't remember the author though.

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