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Do you actually have a best friend and if so what are they like?

Media portrays best friends as people who spend the night every day and is always there for you and your mother loves and is a best firend forever and all that stuff. I know there couldn't be a perfect friend like on TV but i want to know the closest thing that you have to a best friend and your definition of a best friend!

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    I have 3 bff's and my definition of a bff is: someone who's there for u , who cares about u, who won't let anything happen to u, who sticks up for u, someone who respects u and your dreams , hopes, & wishes.

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    We can forgive each other even for the worst lie.We stay up on the phone until 4 AM.If we dont see each other once a day or atleast hear their voice once a day we end up screaming.we watch each others backs and practically live with each other.We met last year and i completely changed her personality.We can both laugh at each others jokes even if it was the worst joke in the world.Thats what a best friend is to me.

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    I have never had a best friend in my 19 years of life so far....people always find ways to disappoint and let you down.....

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    To me my best friend is my loving husband L.R.R. He is very dear and real as the birds flying in the blue sky,My love for him is as strong as the mighty oak tree,as the tree grows,so does my love.....e.s in arizona

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    i've got one. she's basically like the tv one. but we always call because we both hate our neighbors who just barge in aand we both have families who will say lets go on a quick road trip. but yeah my parents have talked to her parents about adopting her. they were kidding and all but yeah

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    i have a best friend and he is my cousin we hang out all the time party listen to music play games go camping

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    Yeah we've been friends forever..Hes my cousin! We never fought I meen NEVER!!

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    i do and she not even like me, she love black and i love blue, she into rock and im into pop it so werid we been friends since gr.1 we are bf

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    No, because she betrayed me.

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    no i dont think i bad for me..

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