Can anyone help me find info I need on military forms for marriage?

My soldier and I are wanting to get married, but are having trouble finding the names/codes of the forms he was told he needed to get and fill out. Can anyone help me with that? Or at least point me somewhere that I can find that information?

He would ask at the base he's stationed but he's between platoons right now. His old one has been moved to another state and he is basically just sitting it out and waiting till he gets transferred to Germany to meet up with his new one.

We have been trying to gather the information we need for a little over a month now and this is mainly the last thing we have yet to be able to figure out/find.

Can anyone help please?

Thank-you and God bless :) ((hugs))


I'm talking about the forms for after we're married. sorry for any confusion.

Also for any forms that we'll need for me to be able to join him in Germany as his wife (if there are any)

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    Uhh, it doesn't matter if he's between platoons. He can still go to the Military personnel office and ask for assistance. Since you guys are going to Germany, he needs to get the DSN number to that Military personnel office. If not, you'll be in the states for awhile waiting for even more paperwork to go through. There is ALOT of redtape when bringing dependents overseas.

    I don't see why you are having such a problem. Just go to your military personnel office.

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    Have him log into his AKO account and access the Forms section. He should be able to find any forms that you are needing there. Although there aren't any that you have to complete for the military BEFORE you get married. Just a bunch afterwards.

    Even if he is between platoons, he should have a CO somewhere. They should be able to help also.


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    it doesn't matter that he's between platoons...what my husband and i did is went to JAG and finance. Those are the best two places to start. Finance should have all the paperwork for housing and stuff, and JAG can usually help with everything else, even if it's just pointing you in the right direction.

    You have a whole military base full of information! Put some use to it hon!!

    Good luck with everything, and congrats on the whole marraige thing. welcome to the club.

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    I don't know but a good place to start is probably a recruiting office. Many of those guys are married and/or could probably make a few calls on your behalf to find out. The least they could do is point you in the right direction.

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    Forms? what forms? the only thing I can think of is if you are not a US citizen and you need the Fiance visa taken care of. Otherwise, there are no froms to fill out before you get married, only afterwards.

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    Have you tried Family Services or the chaplin's office?

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    To the point

    After your married,

    Have him take your marragie licence to Personnel,

    That it, they will take care of the rest

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    OORAH!! Sorry I couldn't help I just couldn't miss the opportunity. OORAH!!!

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