hindu religion question?

what are some of the superstitions that the hindu religion have or a web site link i can look at. thanks

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    well sam here are a few sites for ya...i hope this helps!





    quick fact from alrashid;) :hindus will tell u that they are monotheists, since their 3,000,000+ 'gods' are really 'middle men' to a supreme being, kinda like the pope for Catholics.


    p.s.: dont call 'em superstitions, cuz believers would be offended...I think

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    Eastern religions has no superstition. People have.

    Hinduism is not based on a dogma.

    Superstition is something you will get in bible. e.g. -

    everybody who does not think the same way , we do , however primitive it may be, is going to hell.

    ot "jesus is the only way."

    That is called religious superstition.

    One of the superstitions Hindus have is that

    Christians do not have any ulterior motive behind their apprantly simple question


    second is since Muslims get respect for their beliefs from Hindus , Muslims will ever learn to reciprocate.

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    Superstitions of Hindu religion MEAN superstitions written in Hindus religious books (I think there is no TRUE way other than this to say particular superstitions belongs to Hindu religion because if one Hindu do believe in this superstitions another not going to believe it mean particular superstitions is not belong to Hindu religion)

    Now look at what Hindu religious books are Veda/Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata, manu smruti, bhagwad gita etc now see there is not one central/main book here like bible in Christianity or quran in Islam but bhagwat geeta is officially (when a Hindu go to court as a witness he used to swear keeping his hand on bhagwat geeta that he is going to tell truth and only truth) accepted as main book so you have to look what superstitions there in bhagwat geeta

    there is lots of attacker and questions on bible and qurans contradiction and Superstitions on yahoo answer website but there is not even a single question on contradiction or Superstitions of bhagwat gita on this yahoo answer website so i think there is very little Superstitions or there is not any Superstitions in bhagwat gita

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    I don't know why you are asking this question. It seems like you have a problem with "hindu religion" if there is such a thing. The term Hindu & Hinduism was coined by the British from the Indus River. Before the British came, there was no such thing as Hinduism. But whatever you want to call it, I think the basic superstition found in all religions is that you can't really depend on God who is invisible, intangible and un-perceivable with our senses or even electronics/physics. Everyone knows God can only be perceived with the heart and through faith and introspection. But superstitious people all over the world find it too difficult or just not convenient to perceive God with the innermost recesses of the heart or through faith or even introspection. So they depend on a baked potato that looks like Mother Theresa as a sign that God exists. Or how a painting of Mary crying with real tears is a sign that Jesus was the real Son of God. Hindus practice idol worship which can be anything you use to increase you focus and concentration on God. But Muslims, who have an absolute disgust for idols, ruled India for 800 years and during that time destroyed every idol in India they could get their hands on. They thought that if we destroy their idols, then their God will cease to exist. But Hindus know that their God, which is the same God or Power that the Muslims and everyone else on the planet worshipped, does not cease to exist if you break an idol of God. After 800 years of destroying temples and idols and the faith of "Hindus", majority of the people in India still continued with their experienced way of perceiving God. Muslims are our brothers and we love them and forgive them. Only Isreal and America actually think about retaliating a terrorist nuclear attack with a nuclear attack on Mecca where the Muslim idol, the Kabba resides. American soldiers at Guantanamo have tried to defile the Holy Koran in order to break down the Muslim prisoners. The Koran is an idol that helps Muslims focus and concentrate on God. But just b/c a Koran is flushed down a toilet doesn't mean that Allah was flushed down the toilet. That is ridiculous in the same way how superstitions are ridiculous. Another Hindu superstition is that killing is wrong. The Hindu "culture of life" believes that all life is sacred, even the life of animals and plants. That's why Hindus are vegetarians who pray before they eat so that the energy from the plants that were sacrificed for us to eat will be used by us Hindus in a way that we may sacrifice ourselves for a higher Cause such as living by God's Law rather than just man's laws. There is a law against killing cows in India unless you have a government permit, which Muslims sometimes request. But cows are given protected status in India to make a political point that killing animals is wrong and plus cows are useful on the farm. I hope this helped Samantha. We love you and forgive you even if you choose to be ignorant and hateful. As you know the British were racists who tried destroy the faith of “Hindus” by proselytizing and setting up Christian missionaries. But they soon found that Hindus had more faith in Jesus and His message than even they did. I hope this helps and please read and live by Jesus’ Meditation on the Mount. It will make the world a better place.

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    Here's a link you can refer to for some common superstitions. http://www.gurjari.net/ico/Mystica/html/popular_su... doubt if there is any comprehensive list as the beliefs tend to vary by region and local culture (India is a very diverse country). Many believers claim that superstitions had a sound reasoning at the time they were originally instituted...it's just that over time people have no clue of the original intent and follow them blindly. Most are even fearful to question superstitions.

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    I'm hindu and the first thing dat comes to mind would be

    not to eat flesh (meat)(including fish)

    cow is considered to be one of our gods pet.

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    Any religion is an amalgamation of folklore, history and mythology. Religion only contributes to divisiveness, prejudice, domination by the most "holy", and wars.

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    Why would you call hindu beliefs superstition when christian beliefs are called faith

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    the thanks to degree that someone is prevalent with extra or a lot less? i'd say that Hindu faith is so deep that any one which has dedicated his finished existence will nevertheless be left with plenty to understand..

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    Sacred cows make the best hamburger!

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