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Women, have you ever been in a physical fight with another woman?

I am researching a book on female agression and violence, and am finding some very odd facts, particularly in relation to the age of women. If you would answer, please also give your approximate age and your feelings concerning the physical fight or lack thereof.


Most of my other data seems to indicate that younger women (30 and younger) have had more physical fights with other women than women older than 30, and a very small percentage of women older than 45 have had physical fights with other women. I thought perhaps this board could be another resource.

Update 2:

Seems those 8 answers are the only ones I'll get, so I'll ask for more details. If you have been in a fight with another woman, who started it, how far did the fight go, who won, would you ever fight again?

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    I used to get into knock-down, drag-out brawls with my older sister all the time when we were much younger. The serious fighting stopped when we moved on to high school, though, and we've been best friends ever since. I'm 20 now, and she's nearly 23.

    But as for other women, I've argued loudly with them, but I've never raised a hand in true physical agression...and no one else has to me, either.

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    Not at any age in my life have I been in a physical fight. I'm 45 and not an agressive person. If someone wants to fight whether physically or verbally I walk away from them.

  • Anonymous
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    No, I am 21 and I've never been in a fight. I have always thought fighting was immature, even when I was younger. It doesn't solve anything, and those who think they are so "big and bad", they always meet their match, because someone kills them or hurts them before they can hurt the other person.

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    I was in martial arts so I got into several physical fights with other women and with men. I didn't mind it. It was a fight to prove who was the alpha female of the group. If you lost, you were proven to be weak, but if you won you were the alpha of the group. So it was all down to how badly you wanted to win and prove that you were the alpha.

  • Cherie
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    um, no strangely enough i grew up picking fights with boys. one kid was very mean to me in 8th grade so i threw a book at him and choked him!! its kinda funny now because im 24 and i was 14 then. but i made him cry and after that no one was mean to me again. i was in a somewhat abusive relationship from age 17 to age 22. i used to pick fights with him and ended up in a couple of slug fests, not much fun, but I've never been in a fight with a woman

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    well,,,,ive been in a few rippers,,,,uhm,,,the most recent was about two years ago,,,, my cousin and i were headed home from the liquor store when some other jealous girls spotted us and started yelling some obscene junk ..... My cousin and I followed them to where ever it was they were head which was an apartment building,,,,, they were still talkin junk so my cousin and i stepped out of the car and called uhm on,,,,,,, when the first of three girls stepped onto the black top,,,,, i rushed her and beet thee holy crap out her...... all the other girls including my cousin just stood around and watched...... my cousin and I had a few last words with the ladys and jumped back in the car and went home...... after wards,,,,, i was realllllly shaky,,,nervous ,,,yet i was still pumped..... we talked about it for a few days.... i dont nor did i ever feel bad about what i did to the other girl............

  • Anonymous
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    yeah and i am 14 and i fought more than 1 hundred times cause it was the hood/ghetto

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