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Is god male or female?

Read Luke 20:34 speaking of the resurrection said, they neither marry or are given in marriage. They are just persons

1 corinthians 15;50 flesh and blood cannot inherit God's kingdom. Those who go to heaven do not take a body. Spirit persons do not have flesh and blood bodys. They are persons.

The Almighty God and Jesus is spirit persons so they are not either but are referred to as male. They are mighty spirit creatures to give them a gender is to not understand their makeup.

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    seeing as how the bible was written in a time when men were dominant, it was only natural to think the almight creator was a male persona, however the supreme being is neither male nor female yet both, it is everything that exists.

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    Little Johnny asks his father, "Daddy, is God a man or a woman?"

    The father, as they are wont to do, goes into a long lecture on the nature of

    God and how mankind has associated human characteristics with the Almighty in

    an attmpt at better understanding, etc. He ends with the observation that God

    is neither male nor female, black nor white, straight nor gay, to which Johnny

    responds ... "Oh, is God Michael Jackson, then?"

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    God is truly both male and female. Yin and Yang. Winter and Summer. Both light and darkness. Get it.

    But if I have to pick I say female. In every species females are the ones who create life. Though, I could also argue that in humans it is the male sperm that is carrying the "spark". Afterall it starts off swimming while the egg is pretty much lifeless.

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    Neither. Common sense (which God gave us and the ability to reason) is too powerful to be either male or female. Any being powerful enough to create the universe with a thought would be beyond concerned of it's appearance.

    If God was neither male or female, would that upset you?

    Not me. A being who creates anything as beautiful that we see in, around, and above us, and LOVES us, is good enough for me.

    Some of us say God is female or male needs to have some sort of refrence, to identify with God. In other words, when we identify with God, we have to see something that relects and/or mirrors us. Some cannot, in my opinion has to have that association, in part, to beleive in him. I.E.-visual refrence.

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    God is neither male nor female. However, the majority of the scriptures refer to Him as a male. But, there is a feminine side to Him as well. Jesus speaks to us from the Father, Father being a male, is why most look to God as a male. However, the scriptures tells us that once we come to Christ we are no longer ".... no longer male nor female...."

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    You pose an really reliable question. One i have heard many circumstances, and thanks for not being advise lively in asking the questions or putting absolutely everyone's faith down. In Islam, we do not imagine of Allah (swt) as someone. God is a not a being, not a human nor some thing that should be so merely comprehended. And as for the "He" reference each and every of the time in books and the Quran, "He" is the merely excellent English translation so a techniques for the Arabic word. So even as God is called a "He" it does not advise that God is male, it really is merely the nearest translation of that Arabic pronoun.

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    Always refered to in the masculine.

    Gen1:26 And God went on to say: “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness, and let them have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and the domestic animals and all the earth and every moving animal that is moving upon the earth.

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    I have never understood the importance of such a question. If you would like to think of God as female than fine it really makes no difference. If you wish God to be male OK.

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    Male read:Gen 1:5 ...and the Darkness HE called night.

    Genesis 1:27. So GOD created man in HIS OWN IMAGE, and GOD created he HIM , Male and Femal, created HE them!!!

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    I believe that GOD is GOD and we are human. GOD Is just GOD. Jesus however was a man. The PERFECT son of GOD. This is probably why GOD is most often personified as male.

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    God is a spiritual entity so God is neither male or female

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