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do you think astrology really determines your personality? please tell me what you think and how you feel?

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    I believe that astrology works as well as you want it to. If you believe it works well it will work, what ever you believe in is your own reality. I studied astrology for years and personally I feel still that it help me deal with different types of people. It is about the only thing that has assisted me in peers and people that I encounter. I have also learned quite alot about myself, my good points as well as bad points researching astrology. I am a virgo and that enough information already

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    Yes, I know it does. Skeptics say things like ' Suppose a son was born to the master of the plantation at the same moment a son was born to one of his slaves. You're saying their lives are supposed to be the same?' No their lives won't be the same, but their personalities and the way they react to things will be similar. They will just have very different ways of being able to express those traits.

    Also, it's not written in stone that this sign will act this way, that sign will act that way. There are positive and negative aspects to each sign. Some will exhibit more of the positive traits of their sign, some more of the negative. But they will still be more like others of their sign in personality than like those of another sign.

    Some signs are so easy to spot, that they should be used as proof of astrology. Taurus for instance, for the way they look, Aquarius for the way they act, Geminis, too, are easy to spot by their personalities.

    As with religion, doubters will never be convinced, and believers will never be dissuaded. My ex used to say ' That's bull****. You act like your sign, just because you read all those books'. I asked him, "Then how do YOU know how to act ?" Because he was textbook for his sign. For once he didn't have an answer!

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    Heres my thoughts on this matter: I have horiscopes and astrology sent to my email everyday. Being a Gemini I think that alot of what I read sounds like me but at the same time depending on whats going on in your life is how you take in what you read therefor interperting for yourself what it means and making it true. i think that it can have somewhat an effect on you depending on how you look at what you read. Sometimes to me this helps in matters just because it makes me think of another approch to something. In the out come makeing you who you are but not really telling you who you are.

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    i feel, (no offense), that its completely stupid to think that becuase your'e born during a certain time of year, that your personality will be just like one of 12 other personalities.

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    I do not think it is absolutely will, but might. Because what I read about Cancer, it does fit my personality.

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    Everything i have read about my sing, gemini, has been accurate.

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    no i really think that is a bunch a mojo and crap

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    that stuff is from the devil

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