S. Hawkins, wil population make it 100 years?. 'humans need to stop using earth as a person trash can. peterb

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    1 decade ago
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    I think mankind will continue much longer than 100 years but I think it may not be as much fun. I believe if we don't demand more intellect in politics "and pay higher wages for it", we'll continue to see science expand and politicians ignore it.

    We have very smart people on this planet, that could do a much better job of directing the population. I believe politicians have historically, not listened to the common people. Politicians have been greedy, self-serving, power hungary and somewhat spineless.

    In America, I think we have to start at a small town level and institute a real democracy via internet voting. (as opposed to a representative democracy) People like Lee Iacoca, Neil Armstrong and Bill Gates, should start a grassroots campaign to initate, on a small scale, an internet voting plan, in a small town.

    West Chester, Pennsylvania is a small town, where I live and I'd love to be a part of it.

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