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do you know any skate board tricks or tips.?

im a skat boarder.i know how to skate board,but i dont know how to do any tricks.does any body know any tricks.if you do can you please tell me how to do them.and any tips you have would do good to

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    OK well that first lady is a bastard! skateboarding is awesome and a good way to have fun and to exercise! OK well you can go to skateboarding .com or something like that..or go to google and put in skateboarding trick tips and it will give you alot of good tricks and how to do them...and go to your local skatepark if you have one and ask the guys there to help you..thats wut i did!

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    we opt to grill and benefit this all 365 days lengthy and in Ontario, it quite is a feat! My astounding grill tricks are: a million- even as making handmade BBQ sauce I continuously upload liquid smoke. available in Mesquite or Hickory, it delivers merely the right contact. 2- continually practice dinner fowl over indirect warm temperature. After heating the BBQ, have one element on real warm temperature and one on low warm temperature. position the fowl on the low element on the merely excellent rack and allow or not it really is- do not be flipping it each and every jiffy! This prevents the charred on the exterior, now not fairly executed on the interior drawback! 3- For handmade burgers (that ought to correctly be a have were given to!) even as you're blending up the pink meat, alongside with the secure additions (bread crumbs, egg and so on....) i love with the intention to operate salsa and the impression is an completely tasty burger! 4- don't be afraid to branch out! Pizza on the grill is effective! Grill some fowl and set aside. Pat the pizza dough excellent right into a pan and merely excellent with BBQ sauce. reduce the fowl into skinny strips and merely excellent the pizza such as your well known cheese, fowl, purple pepper strips and purple onion. position pan on merely excellent rack and grill with the lid down till the crust is accomplished. Makes an really tasty and particular meal on the grill!

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    stop trying to be cool (harsh but the truth) do something that doesnt waste ur time and that u like. if u can't do any tricks no offesnse but u can't be considered a real true "skateboareder" plus skateboarding is a waste of time!!!!! go dance or tame an ostrich!! remeber skateboarding wont help u get into college!!!!!!! have a nice day : )

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    um a kickflip is simple so after that learn a varial kickflip by standing in your kickflip stance then doing a kiuck flip but with your back foot instead of just doing an ollie do a pop shove-it

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    i think the first lady needs a hug.

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