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Why can't religions just accept the other ones?

I know we have our own beliefs, but why to we have to persecute and criticize other religions instead of living peacefully? If everyone would just mind their own business, and stop worrying what religion everyone else is, everyone would be a whole lot happier!


I have to disagree, I am not clueless...I understand the reason, I want other people answers. And the real reason I am asknig this question is because of the ****** posting crap about islam, jihad, sharia and infindel americans. It pisses me off! And he was most obviously a Muslim by the way, or at least pretending to be one! He made like 3 posts about that crap!

Update 2:

Tolerate. And accept that there ARE other religions, even if they aren't going to practice them.

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    I have always respected other people's beliefs because it is the way my parents raised me many years ago. I am secure enough in my own beliefs that I am quite comfortable and curious to learn about beliefs other than my own. It is fascinating and I feel that I have something in common with any devoutly religious person, regardless of whom or how they practice. I don't have the desire to analyze and debate the validity of any religion and do not engage in any type of "my God's bigger than your God" discussions. I encourage people to actively practice the faith that they feel drawn to whether or not I agree with it. It is for me to judge what is right for me, not what is right for anyone else. They can do that perfectly fine without any help from me.

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    Tis the way of the world. However, you should consider that the only religion that isn't accepting of other religions is christianity. Even Muslims will leave you alone, more or less, if you're of another religion... just don't try to convert from being a Muslim.

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    A guard on a city wall see an army storming the city gates. If he decides not to warn the city's inhabitants, and the army kills everybody, he will be held accountable. But if he warns the people living in the city and they themselves decide not to listen to him, the guard will be removed from any blame and the city's inhabitants will be held accountable for the deaths.

    My duty as a Christian (by command of Jesus Christ) is to speak the Truth and warn people of their inevitable fate if they choose not to repent their sins and turn to the Lord. If, after hearing the Truth, they still decide not to listen, then I have to accept their decision, but will be removed from any responsibility on the day of Judgment regarding their Salvation.

    Source(s): The Holy Bible (Most popular Book ever published)
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    Agreed. But you are asking ignorant people to behave logically. If these people were capable of logical behavior, they wouldn't be involved with any religions in the first place. In other words, your asking a cat to bark. Good luck.

    Source(s): Your friendly neighborhood Atheist.
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    You are clueless. Read the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

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    Accept or Tolerate? There's a difference.

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    Because no one knows the meaning of "love" and only the lack thereof..people tend to be dead set and trained in their ways and don't care to spare feelings ever at all at anytime.

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    Religions tolerate everybody, people don't! There is a difference!

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    Because certain religions truly believe that others are evil and they want to rid the world of said "evil".

    ~Maria Isabel~

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    Because that would mean that the human race has finally matured...and we ALL know that's NOT going to happen anytime soon.


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