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i can get to pogo but can't play any of there games. installed norton and removed it doesn't help.?

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    download the new version of Java. I had your same problem until someone told me to do the same thing. also make sure all pop up blocks are disabled for the pogo site.

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    To play POGO games, you need a proper security setting, and JAVA installed. Without Java, the games just won't load. Usually however, a good version of I.E. 5.5 or better will work.? (AND, remember to turn off any 'pop-up' blockers while playing. POGO opens new windows to play games.)

  • King H
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    It depends on a couple of things

    1. Your browser - Make sure it's updated. Internet Explorer on a PC is best. If you're using a Mac then I suggest Opera. Firefox doesn't work all the time for me.

    2. Make sure you're using the latest version of Java

  • Anonymous
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