I am Missing having a Family! : (In process of a Divorce) But My Male Clock Is Ticking Like Crazy!?

Have you ever knocked over an ant mound & watch them build back their home at a crazy-urgent pace! Nature ...Right? I feel that's what's gong on inside me right now & I never 1nce thought that a man could feel a loss of a Family so Bad that he would almost immediately want to Start a family again!

But after I caught my wife in an affair....I Bounced and left her with everything she wanted (including her lover ( I can't call or go by my own apt. cuz ' he & she are there and our last conv. was very uncivil...So I am waiting on the courts....because she is so defensive it's a shame).

Now I sit alone thinking I hear my son's voice. I miss Him and the ideal of having a Happy Family. I honestly know I can't just jump out in the world start making babies with any woman....But that doesn't stop me from feeling such a loss! Is this a phase that all men feel when divorcing? I want more children now and I wish I didn't have these selfish thoughts!

Please give me some helpful advice.

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    no you dont want children now you are missing your child and you think you are going to try to fill that empty space with a child and guess what ,it's not going to work. you need to take her to court and try to get to see your son, if she is the one who cheated then why should you be away from your son. you have never hit her or anything you have every right to go see your son. you have done nothing wrong she is the one who stepped out on the marriage, she is the whore who is living in your apt. i think you shouldnt think about getting into a new fresh relationship until you have figured things out and you get to see your son, right now that should be the most important thing in your life, not wanting to make another family and have babies everywhere, you know that is not the right thing to do.focus on moving on and your son, dont worry marriage will come for you one day, maybe the right woman will be theo ne to help you with your court papers, or help you pick out your sons clothes at the store, you never know , just keep your head up. good luck.

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    If you believe that giving up rights to your son to this woman is the right thing to do, you really don't need to start another family. You need to wait 2 years before really getting involved with someone else, ESPECIALLY if you are wanting more kids. Otherwise you are just ricocheting around hurting others. Suppose you find someone in the next few months, get married and she gets pregnant immediately. Do you really think that all of the hurt from what you went thru is done? How do you think that relationship will work out and how long will it last? After what you found your first wife doing, you will definitely need to take a LONG time to get your head back on straight.

    In the meantime, FIGHT for you SON!!! Do not allow him to grow up without knowing his father. This is the place to direct all of that family attention you have. He needs you now more that ever. Don't let him down.

    Source(s): personal experience
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    Man, that sucks. Is she letting you have visitation with your son? When you go to court, you need to fight for your parental rights. She cheated on you while you were married, so that's a strike against her already.

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    I'm glad you are going to court. Fight for your son!

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