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What feature are you most looking foward to with Windows Vista?

As many of you know, a new version of Microsoft Windows is coming out, called Windows Vista. What are you most looking foward to with this new OS (operating system)? Why?

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    the unified shader model in DierctX 10

    a better games r coming in the way

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    I'm running a test box with the Visa "beta 2 Customer Preview" and Office 2007. Both Rock!

    Windows Vista is light years faster for searching files. New controls, like the Instant Search box and Enhanced Column Headers, make it simple for you to manage large amounts of on-screen data in any way that you want. The Aero gui interface is cool too.

    Here is a video demo.

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    Tabbed browsing.

    I love it in Firefox but Firefox has to many other issues such as no support for active X.

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    it's graphic is better

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