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Is 100 mbps hi speed equal to T1 T2 T3 or are those something else?

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    100Mbps is a typical speed for the small network in your office. It is designed for computers to be able to talk to each other in a relatively small area at high speeds. This is commonly known as an Ethernet network.

    The T1, T2, T3, etc are long-distance backbone type connections that connect locations in different cities or countries. An example would be a T1 that connects a branch office in Houston to the headquarters in Los Angeles. You typically get these from the phone companies like AT&T or Qwest.

    A T1 is 1.544Mbps, a T2 is 6.312Mbps, a T3 is 44.736Mbps, and this goes on. The most common are the T1 and T3.

    There's much more technical detail regarding the T-carrier hierarchy, but that is the nutshell version.

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    T1 etc are particular types of highspeed internet connections used by universities and companies (they have other options).

    100 mbps is particular fast and probablly refers to a local network connection using ethernet.

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    100 mbps is is the speed (Mega Bits Per Second!!!) the newest is Giga-Bits Which is 100/1000 MBPS instead of 10/100

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    that's an interesting question I hope you get some reasonable answers

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    woooow 100megabyte per secund is very hi speed. our university has this speed. yes it is ti one.T1

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