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How can I make a girl orgasm?

I really love this girl, but I have no idea how to make her orgasm; and I want her to feel ultimate pleasure, I want to please her. Any tips for this man on a mission?

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    if she wantss to have sex then ok,

    tip1) listen to what she says--- if you start and she says No , or stop listen to this and do it. dont get mad at her.

    tip2) let her guide you she knows what she likes.

    tip3) take it slow and softly, the slower the better

    tip4) be compassionate and considerate and respectful

    these are what my first man did for me on our first sex time. and it was the greatest and I have never forgotten this first time, he was gentle and thoughful and moved slowly. and showed me how good it could be.

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    Use your hands and/or your tongue to get more control over what you're doing. Touch her all over her body, paying attention to where she enjoys being touched the most. Build up for a while touching her elsewhere before you go for her clitoris -- it's not a race. Build up a rhythm as you go. When she's finally ready for you to push you over the edge, I expect you'll be able to tell.

    And, lastly, don't get too hung up on it. Some girls will start faking it just to get things over with, if a guy keeps getting too hung up on insisting that she come.

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    This is the wrong place to ask, do a google search.

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    Go down on her

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    lick her from head to toe. eat her out

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    eat her out.. for like ever. .or finger her reallly fast

  • Anonymous
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    lick his asshole

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