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why would anyone vote aj pirzinski into the all star game over fracsico liriano?

honestly now, how on gods green earth could anyone vote for AJ PIEZINSKI over FRANSICO LIRIANO?!?! come on america that is terrible, just shows were not doing very good at existing

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    hell yeah F*CK AJ PIERFAGGOTZYNSKI f*cking homo can't fight

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    That's a good question. I can't explain it myself. The guy is phenomenal! 10-1, 1.83 ERA, and 102 Ks heading into the all-star break. Most amazing thing is that he hasn't even started the whole year-only since late May. He could easily have a 20 win season be the Rookie of the Year and maybe even Cy Young (if he continues at this pace). A.J. Pyerzynski is a great player, but I think Liriano would have been a better choice.

    The thing about this final vote is that it is determined by the fans through online voting. Unfortunately for Liriano, he is in a small market with a limited fan base. There were more Sox fans to vote him in. In addition, Liriano is so new that many people haven't even heard of him yet. Unlike the Yankees and Red Sox, there are very few Twins games that are televised nationally, so Liriano doesn't get as much fanfare. Similarly, Joe Mauer is leading the league in average by about .20 points, yet he only finished 3rd in voting for AL catchers. Beyond the small market aspect, many of the fans vote on performance from previous years.

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    jcrulz13-->the game isn't about who has had a longer career..its about who is having an All-Star Year. Whats more amazing? A veteran having an average year or a rookie leading the league in ERA by over a run, tied for fourth in wins and sixth in strikeouts despite not being a starter all year?

    Ozzie should have put Liriano in no questions asked without making go to the vote. But hey, its allbetter now that he is in the game anyways

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    First off, you need to learn how to spell Pierzynski and second you need to learn how to spell Francisco. Now that that is out of the way, Francisco Liriano has not proven himself yet, he is still young and A.J. is a proven veteran. I am a fan of Liriano but I voted for A.J. Pierzynski.

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    bcause all of chicago voted and promoted him, i think he should not of gone in cuz that make 3 catchers and liriano is well deserved to go in. im also a twins fan

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    Because TNA advertised it on their shows and said that he was MLB's biggest TNA fan.

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    because they are smoking something

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