what is love. how would yon know if someone is really in love with you?

meaning how canyou tell when a person is faking or being real and you know that they mean it

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    There is no real answer to this question but what I have learned of what love is to me and that is the word LOVE itself holds the answer.......

    (L)isten: and Validate them by hearing and empathizing.

    (O)verlook: their minor character flaws as they will overlook yours.

    (V)alue: who they are and what they mean to you.

    (E)xpress: how you love them not just with words but with actions.

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    First,love has as many definitions as there are people in the world, depending on who you ask, so it can have many meanings but boils down to one thing, you will know it when you find it, all you have to do is believe and trust your feelings when it does. Now there is no magic answer, no magic solution, pill, pixie dust or just about anything else you can think of to tell you when you find Mr Right or vice versa. Life is full of challenges, each with its own set of options; all you have to do is try some challenges, try its options and when you do you will know if its right for you. Learn to trust your inner feelings, they wont let you down. BUT there are no guarantees in life so the one you may fall in love with, isnt guaranteed to fall in love with you, but finding and trying new challenges in life is half the fun of life and when you least expect it, anyplace, anytime Mr. Right will be there. good luck

    Source(s): Paralegal with a BA in social psychology
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    u juist feel it in yur heart

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