Am I a dem or rep?

Here are my views...

I am all for alternative energy use, trying to think of ideas and put them into use myself

I am all for small business.

The war in Iraq is a joke.

Abortion is wrong.

I think the socialist programs like welfare are a joke, but I think I have a solution but thats seperate.

What gays do in their bedroom is their own issue, and marriage should be up to the religions that marry them. But Civil Unions (the legal term I think) should not be recognized. But overall a state not a constitutional issue.

I think the national government should not be so big, less spending. Stronger state governments.

There should be a large wall bordering mexico and there should not be amnesty for Illegal aliens. Send them home.

What am I, I side for each side on some issues and for the other on some different issues?


If I tend to be a middle of the roader like the majority, then why don't we have a candidate like that. I don't understand how come we keep voting for extremists when most of the country is actually "commonsensists."

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    maybe you're libertarian

    What is a Libertarian?

    Libertarians believe that you have the right to live your life as you wish, without the government interfering -- as long as you don’t violate the rights of others. Politically, this means Libertarians favor rolling back the size and cost of government, and eliminating laws that stifle the economy and control people’s personal choices.

    Are Libertarians liberal or conservative?

    Libertarians are neither. Unlike liberals or conservatives, Libertarians advocate a high degree of both personal and economic liberty. For example, Libertarians agree with conservatives about freedom in economic matters, so we're in favor of lowering taxes, slashing bureaucratic regulation of business, and charitable -- rather than government -- welfare. But Libertarians also agree with liberals on personal tolerance, so we're in favor of people’s right to choose their own personal habits and lifestyles.

    In a sense, Libertarians “borrow” from both sides to come up with a logical and consistent whole -- but without the exceptions and broken promises of Republican and Democratic politicians. That's why we call ourselves the Party of Principle.

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    You are a CLOSET FASCIST and an OPEN BIGOT, disguised as a Republican, just like your president! You were fine until you said that abortion is wrong. Then everything started going downhill fast! Who the hell are YOU to tell others what is right or wrong?! That's what infuriates me about Neo-Cons, they think that their opinions are the law of the land! In a free society, a woman's choice is just that, and the only thing that is WRONG, is people who think they can dictate to others what their health and body options are!! Same with your views on gay marriage: if you left the freedom of choice up to THEIR RELIGION, you are once again excluding the individual, and re-opening old wounds in the government vs. religion debate! And as far as immigration, you let your bigotry show in ABUNDANCE when you say simply, "Send them home"!! I don't care what a person's background is: IF YOU HAD TO make a choice between letting your family starve and entering a country illegally, I KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD DO!! So take your pious and shallow ego, and get a complete humanist overhaul, will you??!! You wanted to know what you are, and it's plain to see that you're an empty-headed Fascist!!

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    xrede2bold, go put you tinfoil hat back on! Sheesh! Any logical person (read: not you) can see that the original poster is not a right-wing fascist. You need to get yourself out of that little black-and-white world of yours. Everyone who disagrees with you on one little thing is a fascist neo-con (I doubt you even know the meaning of those words)??? Grow up!

    Anyway, back to the question...You sound like a centrist who leans slightly to the right, in that you seem to like the traditional Republican idea of small government. You don't have to join any political party, though. Just be yourself, you don't have to conform! :)

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    The term most often used to describe you would be a moderate. Some Republican and some Democrat. You have some Libertarian leanings also.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You could be an independant. That is a person that doesn't agree with having a political party making up your mind for you.

    I think you are a moderate with leanings toward both progressive and conservative ideas.

  • 1 decade ago

    A true American or what I call a "Daniel Boone American"

    true to your country but beholden to no man or party!

    We need more who are brave enough to think this way! I'M sure someone will get thar history book out and claim Daniel for one side or the other!

  • 1 decade ago

    Depends on which of those issues are the most important to you. Be independent, but if you want to find a party you're most aligned with, it sounds like your beliefs most likely align with the libertarian party.

  • You seem to be in the middle. Its hard to say if you are republican or democrat because you have views of both. But you seem to be a moderate as far as conservative and liberal.

  • Salem
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    1 decade ago

    You are someone who supports the idea of a 3rd party!

    I would say you are more of a D than an R.

    Check out and see what they say.

  • J.D.
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    1 decade ago

    You're like the majority of the country...

    You're a middle-of-the-roader.

    You agree with some aspects of both parties, but not to the point of being an extremist.

    Good position to be in... welcome.

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