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I had neck surgery for a herniated disc 5 weeks ago?

I have experienced a terrible swollen feeling in my throat for the last 3 weeks, the Neurosurgeaon said this is normal, has anyone had this same feeling, how long does it last?

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    My man just got the surgery done on April 13th. he said that it lasted for about seven weeks, but it still feels strange/different. He also says that it swells a little still every now and then.

  • I had a herniated disc removed . The surgeon went in through my neck and I never had a swollen feeling in my throat at all.The only pain I had was where they removed a bone chip to fuse . I think I would ask another Dr. even if your surgeion says this is normal I don't think it is. Good Luck!!

  • see i am an advice claer and i had to anwer something like this and it lasts up to 2-3months

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