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Why "God bless America" Why not God Bless the World?

Why be stingy with blessings. Sorry if I am stepping on angry toes...but I am seriously wondering...always did…and I notice that it is used in context when speaking of war...why bring God into political wars in the first place...


People...I know that the phrase is the title of a song...The political war has caused deaths of thousands of people...and that isn't evil??? So I get's evil vs. one is better than the other in this situation based on a Christian standpoint...They are willing to die because they believe Western civilization is evil and the soldiers are willing to die because they believe they are evil...there is not a winner in this story folks....US is adding more fuel to the fire, pissing people off and creating more and more terrorist and more deaths...because a radical religious group brought down the towers, Bush wanted to declare war on a whole country in order to find WMD, that still haven't been found….so he decides he wanted to change his story...and where the hell is Bin Laden...I think everyone won't be satisfied until this whole thing blows up into WWIII....

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    Right on sister. Why not God bless the universe. When we ask God to bless us (either U.S. or us) we are forgetting we are one with all man kind.

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    I'm going to ignore the first part of your question and answer your last one - why bring God into political wars? War involves people. Fathers, husbands, children, brothers, mothers, sisters. People. If you had a loved one overseas, fighting to free a nation from terrorists whose hearts are filled with nothing but hate, you would be praying for them too. For their wisdom, their protection, their spirit, their comfort - anything that you could think of. Those soldiers need all the prayer they can get. And their families do too. And is it wrong to ask a loving God to be on the American side of this? NO! We are fighting against evil. Pure evil. And that is what my God is all about. Defeating evil and prevailing with good. This question just got me very passionate. Sorry if it seemed over zealous - but it's how I feel.

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    It's just a saying and part of a song. Why does France say "Viva La France!" Why don't they say "Viva Le Monde"? Sure, the whole world needs God's blessings, but I think you're looking too deeply into this. American sayings and American songs focus on America in this case... call it patriotism or nationalism. I don't think that's any different than any other country. Who cares what the words are? It's the actions to improve the world that are important.

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    Most other peoples answeres speak for themselves. As a whole this country is entirely too selfish to think that any other part of the world deserves anything. We are too busy jumping up and down because we have all the answers and we are right.. Look at what being right has gotten us.

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    I agree. shall we attempt this slogan: fowl bless u.s.. No that purely does not sound precise. i know, Hamster bless u.s.. Nooo that doesn't ring a good tone the two. My little innovations is working here, I have been given it, we are able to alter it thoroughly around to some thing distinctive like: "We individuals hate lack of expertise and are extra advantageous". That sounds good (extra helpful than Hamster Bless u.s.) yet i think of it quite is slightly to long for a slogan. i know, "We individuals hate actual everyone and have swell Atheist". it is appropriate because it quite is to the element and has no hidden agendas. Do you no longer agree?

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    America IS the world

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    God Bless Everybody - NO exceptions

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    Because that's the way the song goes. We are merely asking Gods blessing on our country. We are not hoarding God all to ourselves. God loves all people no matter who they are.

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    Good point, but that's the name of the song. There was a little song a while back called We Are the World, it had that touchy feeling crap you are looking for.

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    Ever listen to the WORDS of the song ? It's about America, NOT the world !

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