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How can I put videos on my computer with my video camera?

I can't figure out how to get a video off of my JVC GR-D370U Video Camera on to my computer. Can someone please tell me how or what I need to buy to make it work. Thanks.

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    Software: Digital Photo Navigator (Win)

    this software should have come with the camera you can hook your camera to the computer via usb or using the sd card the link below has info on the camera and shoould have a help guide

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    You got a JVC

    Your camera has IEEE 1394 !!! Not USB on this model.

    That means you need to buy a cable that is "Camcorder to IEEE 1394 card". Your computer may have this connection already. If not, then you need to buy the IEEE 1394 card at BestBuy (install it into your computer), and buy the cable that your camera plugs into. They sell that too, so bring your camera to the store, to match it perfectly.

    ALSO, you'll need capture software. Pinnacle 9.0 or Ulead Media Studio will work.

    VirtualDub is free, so that should be your first choice, to get used to it.

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    You are going to need a cable that connects your camera to a usb port on your computer. It usually comes with the camera, and I think it's called Firewire.

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    if your video camera has a USB plug then you should just be able to plug it in to your computer. If it doesn't, then maybe you could have the videos transferred to a DVD, then burn it in to your computer off of the DVD.

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