C++ Beginner?

Any suggestions as to how I should go about learning C++? Suggestions for good books and websites would be greatly appreciated, as long as they assume no prior knowledge of programming as I am clueless in that field.

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    I am a professional developer and have been writing software for over 20 years now. Presently I do most of my development in C++. I first got started when I was in High-school because I was curious. I started by grabbing a book with sample code in it to pick up the syntax then wrote some simple programs and the rest is history.

    The core to learning to program is:

    1) Get access to a good compiler (I like MS Visual Studio but it is expensive). Learning to program is a hands-on task. Books are great and I have quite a few but doing is the key.

    2) Learn the syntax of the language (any book is good for that - sometimes the shorter, the better). A book that is oriented around the compiler you choose might be a good idea. Something hands-on would be great as well (like "Teach yourself C++ in 21 Days"). Looking at the Amazon.com reviews can help choose a book.

    3) Look at some sample code that is well respected and complex.

    4) WRITE SOMETHING!!! It doesn't really matter what you want to write, but I would recommend writing something that involves you passion. If you like the net, you could even create you own browser using the Active-X web plug-in in Visual C.

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    Currently I'm reading Beginning Programming for Dummies, which suggests following up with C++ for Dummies. ( I won't be, I don't like this book as it is.) At the same time I'm reading the Head First Series on Html and CSS.

    I know these are two different topics, but just speaking on the presentation (hands on excercises, pictures, humor,COLOR)-I like the Head First book a lot more. With the Dummies, I'm already on chpt 9 and I don't feel like I've learned anything useful about programming. Here is the website, you can look inside a few pages from the books as well.

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    for me C++ was a very easy language. I basically began programming in it after I read a couple of c++ source files. My suggestion is to learn by doing. Go read some tutorials on line and get some good books. There are many good tutorials online for c++. Does anyone here ever try googling their questions?

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    C++ is the worst language to learn programming with. Get a Computer Science degree if you don't want to be a hack scriptmonkey. Programming takes a lot of expertise, and C++ takes more expertise than any other language out there.

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    C++ is a very difficult language to learn. Go to the link below and read up. As far as learning goes, you're gonna have to sit in a classroom, especially if you have no programming experience. Learning it off the bat is close to impossible.

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    personaly, i thought c++ was easy, as my first programming language, better than c cus it does more stuff, and better than vb cus that makes hudge files n stuff, and i too started with cprogramming.com and the tutorials there. the hardest part for me was figuring out what compiler to get. i would recomend dev-c++ (yes i know they dont want me to call it a compiler but it does the same thing)

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    C++ for dummies. Explains everything in great detail. You actually understand what every lines does instead of "because it does"

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