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Women only please.?

My girlfriend worries about getting pregnant constantly. We use protection but she wants me to finish inside her. When is it safe to do so?

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    Hmmmm. It's never 100% safe.

    WITH a condom.....maybe 90% of the time.

    WITHOUT a condom....NEVER!

    If you are not ready to handle the responsibilities of possibly becoming a being a parent, then you are not ready for sex.

    Talk to an adult. Maybe a Health teacher or doctor. Is there a local teen awareness program. They can give you ALL the facts.

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    Never because if sperm got inside of her, she could become pregnant. Never is safe. sounds like to me that she wants to become pregnant. so try to be carefull.

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    The answer is never..nothing is really totally safe.

  • 1 decade ago

    She must want to get pregnant and then she will act all surprised when she finds out she is...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A condom is only 99.99% safe. The only safe thing to do is not have sex.

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    Never. Sperm is resilient, it can live a lot longer than you can imagine. Tell her to use a contraceptive - pill, injections, whatever.

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    anytime as long as you use a condom

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