If your APT complex decides to remodel and asks you to leave because of this do they have to help with moving$

I am a single disabled father on sec 8. will the complex be required to help with moving expenses because it is their fault I have to move? It is a very large complex with about 700 units. they have already emptied one building but are unsure when they will get to mine so they wont resign a lease with me and have me month to month renting. I am in California

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    1 decade ago
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    Department of Housing and Employment to the rescue.

    Go to their website and fill out the claim. Mail it in using a return receipt.

    When you have this under your belt, they can't throw you out.

  • 1 decade ago

    my best answer to you would be talk to a lawyer because i don't know about california law but that sounds fishy to me.Sounds like they are trying to get out of having to pay for expesinses they know that they are responsible for if they had you under a lease.

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    I know free money can be fun, but have some dignity, man! Here's an idea: try getting a job so you don't have to beg for money to move out.

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    Sorry, typically all they're required to do is give you a month's notice.

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