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We can't even cure the common cold. What makes us think we can take on cancer and other major illnesses?.?

Man can't cure diseases. We can only "treat" them?

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    you are perfectly right

    we do know nothing really , just treat the symptoms and have no real cure for diseases

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    Because the Commen Cold happens to be a virus, cancer happens to be an uncontrolable mitosis in the cells, so we can treat and cure cancer with technology. It's the viruses we have hard times with, like the flu, AIDS, and others, the only problem is that the viruses always change into a different virus but altogether is the same. That's why every year when you get a flu shot the vaccine is never the same.

    With the help of Molecular Virology and other sciences we can mabey find a cure for the commen cold, and since the commen cold and AIDS are both viruses doing what viruses do, we can hope for a cure for AIDS soon too.

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    Actually, there is a cure for the common cold: pleconaril. It is currently before the FDA being evaluated...

    As it turns out, there are some cancers that are already whipped: just ask Lance Armstrong, who had his cancer treated before he did the Tour de France.

    Note that your little sidebar has a good point to it: We don't really cure the diseases; medical professionals merely make it possible for the body to do what it can do to heal itself. The closest thing to a "cure" in medicine is surgery: removing the gallstone (gallbladder and all) or draining the abscess, etc. I'd list coronary artery bypass grafting and transplant surgery, but they are actually not as much a cure as I would wish them to be...

    OK, I'm philosophizing again. Sorry!

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    We have cures that work for cancer and many other diseases, but teh American drug companies won't let them be used because that cuts into their bottom line financially. Remember what the AMA did to the Sister Kenney method for polio? Well, with the help of the government, the drug companies are doing the same thing concerning cancer and other diseases. The cure is there, and it's being used in other countries, but in America, only money talks.

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    We Can't Cure The Common Cold Because It's Not One "Illness" It's a series of Illnesses With Common Symptoms. It's just not economical to find remedies to all of them because they're really not that serious.

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    First of all, zinc supplementation has been proven to cut the duration of the common cold in half (New England Journal of Medicine). That's at least as powerful a treatment as antibiotic use on bacterial infections. Speaking of which, lots of people died from those infections before antibiotics. Today, nobody even considers this a possibility when they catch bronchitis....because of antibiotics. Hmmmmm, saving people from DEATH. Sounds like a cure to me.

    Let's look at heart disease. The most major of major illnesses and the one you were most likely to die of, in the recent past (I say recent PAST because there is no reason to die of heart disease anymore). We start out with an ultrafast CT of the heart. This CAT scan is completely non-invasive and takes only a few minutes to perform. Almost any hospital cardiology unit can supply this test for you. For a measly $400 (sure to drop dramatically in price), it will tell you exactly how much blockage if any is in your coronary arteries. Prior to this test, you needed an expensive and extremely dangerous angiogram to tell this and they only did it if they were going to perform an angioplasty right afterward through the same catheter. Now, this sort of testing is so trivial it is used as a screen every few years to track heart disease.

    And why would you want to do this? Because statin drugs like lipitor have been proven to stop the progression of heart disease in its tracks for as long as you take them. Since you will likely take them for the rest of your life, you don't want to start taking them until you actually need to.

    But, if it's too late, we can do an angioplasty and unblock and artery. This is a great idea that has the unfortunate drawback of the artery rapidly closing back up again. But medication coated stents prevent that from happening. And the new oral antioxident medications prevent restenosis after angioplasty effectively (they also open up those arteries all by themselves if they aren't totally blocked). That makes these medications with or without surgery, a CURE for heart disease.

    Speaking of anti-oxidents, its recently been discovered that free radical damage might be the lynch pin of cancer. It is way too early to say this but I will anyway. Those same anti-oxidant medications are probably a cure for cancer. The reasoning behind this is complex and unless it says Dr. in front of your name, you probably won't understand. But you certainly WILL understand once those things go to clinical trial.

    How about illness that is just annoying rather than likely to kill you....osteporosis. That one is just trivial. Take your fosamax for 3 years and its cured. Your bones remineralize and your risk of fracture returns to normal.

    My point is you are dramatically ignorant of the state of medicine and probably one of those jerkwad newage types. The truth of the matter is we are right on the cusp of curing every major illness that people die of. Probably, the lifespan of people in their 30's today is a good 20 years greater than our parents....because of medicine.

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    We do cure it. And then it evolves, mutates, and is resistant to the medicine. The common cold isn't worth spending time on when there are diseases out there like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's... Think of flu vaccines, good for only certain strains, and then even those strains mutate.

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    Actually there is a cure for Cervical Cancer now. Yay!

  • I dis-agree, I believe we CAN cure diseases....Once we stop spending time on trying to find new ways and weapons to kill each other and actually care about helping each other.

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    we can cure a lot of deases it takes time and money but if the illness isnt searous then just let ur immune system handle it so we dont end up with a weak immune system

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