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Effective shoes for dealing with a pervert?

If I wanted to kick a pervert in the balls...say some of the perverts here, which boots would be more effective? Should I kick them twice?

My red pointy steel tipped boots?

Or my black go-go boots?

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    Steel tips always.

  • woolf
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    Why am I even answering this? i might pass with the pass-pass's, in my opinion. In all fact, that's not significant what sort of shoe you have on. i've got been hit there some cases and can't tell a difference between a knee and a turn-flop clad foot. Ball kicking is alot like kicking a field purpose: potential and accuracy are key. in case you haven't any longer any accuracy, no telling the place the kick might desire to land, and in case you haven't any longer any potential it may no longer effect the guy. even with the incontrovertible fact that, once you land that appropriate shot his facial impacts might desire to clue you in. And whilst it quite is genuine that a stiff kick to the nuts won't incapacitate each guy, maximum would be clutching their balls with teary eyes for a couple of minutes, a minimum of.

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    steel toe boots

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    ur red pointy steel toes of course >.< (ouch i feel the pain already j/k)

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    the steel tip ones will hurt him

    and the black gogo ones will probably just push him away

    (and would probably be easier to run away in if you had to)

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    baby i love your red boots, hope u could use that on me and give me some boot jobs.. i wanna *** on your boots

  • Anonymous
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