How come we spend all of this money to send people to space and we have got nothing out of it? Nothing?

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    We don't send many people to space and we have gotten a lot out of it. A whole lot of technology has come out of space and a whole lot of understanding physics to manipulate our world has come out of space. The most common thing launched into space are satellites. They power cell phones, TV, allow us to map the world, watch for forest fires, predict weather and storms and evacuate states for hurricanes, for defense purposes, for GPS and lots of useful things. Digital cameras are just bad versions of the CCD's used in astronomy. Space programs discovered the hole in the ozone layer, the destructive power of solar radiation and technology originally developed for space programs has been used to help policemen and protect firefighters, to put barcodes on retail products, to make the quartz watches everyone uses. Smoke detectors located in every American household were originally developed for NASA.

    The space stations are used to do all sorts of scientific research including biological research which can be used back here on earth to better understand our bodies and to save lives. Space research on growing plants has led to the development of a device that can kill airborne pathogens like Anthrax and currently there is antibiotic research underway up there. Space is the only place low gravity experiments can be conducted and we have to send scientists up there to do the research. Space protocols used to keep air, water, and food safe for astronauts are being implemented to keep people on earth safe from bioterrorism. Using space techology, NASA researchers are developing better pain free artificial bones for things like hip surgery and a bioreactor using space techology has been developed that can both grow new heart tissue or grow new cartilage and ligaments.

    These are just a few examples. The list goes on.

    Besides, answers to where and how we fit and belong in this large and beautiful universe - I wouldn't call that nothing.

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    The space program has contributed significantly to the life of the average person. Your statment, however, tells me you asked your question before looking into the matter at all.

    In space, astronauts (who are actually scientists and engineers) perform experiments they cannot perform on Earth. They test theories which eventually lead to new technologies, deliver new equipment to satellites, and service them and replair them as well.

    Every time you use a cell phone, a computer, the internet, and get your local weather report, you have the space program to thank for it. Every time you use velcro, get a titanium joint, perhaps even take your new and improved life saving medication, you have the space program to thank for it. You can even thank them for possibly lowering any insurance costs you may have, and even saving your lives. Without the space program we would not be able to predict the path of hurricanes, water supplies for large regions, geological hazards, droughts, and other distasters with the accuracy and precisioin that we can today.

    It's a shame that one of the things that has contributed the most to our lives is so often under recognized.

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    The fact that you can ask questions on a home computer proves there are tangable dividends from the space program. Rockets need computers to guide them. The smaller the computer, the lighter the rocket. The lighter the rocket, the more fuel available to send it farther.

    Orbiting satallites in geostationary points bouncing signals all over the globe.

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    A lot of products have been developed for space travel and have found a use in our everyday lives. One example is Velro. This was invented to secure the thermo plates onto the space shuttle. If is now used by normal people in clothing and other products.

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    I don't think We've Gotten nothing out of it. We've Begun To Explore The Worlds Beyond Our Worlds and Find Out How They Are And Things, Its Expanding Our Knowledge Base.

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    That's not true. We are getting things out of it little by little. why just yesterday they announced that there will be a McDonald's up by the International Space Station and a Disney-space World as well.

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    examine lower back, the present administration has greater the each year funds for nasa. The over all software is planed to be as much as date to boost cost performance, this grow to be a plan drafted by way of NASA officers and scientists as a acceptance with reference to the increasing drain of an ageing area deployment gadget as properly as a shift in exploration approach to make the main the earnings of technological progression.

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    Actually, we get tons of benifits. First off, we get the raw scientific knowledge. But we also get the innovations from space exploration; for example, plastics, devices using microwaves, dried food, computer innovations, advanced ceramics, etc. The list of patents from space exploration is massive.

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    A lot of industries' technologies are based on research that was performed in space studies.

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    the country that rules space rules the planet.

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