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I use to weigh 115 and was a size 3 but...?

I had a baby nine months ago and I gained 35 pounds and can't get rid of the weight, I'm always depressed and my marrige is hurting from my insecurities what can I do? Any diet plans out there that have given you results? Please answer truthfully no jokes...

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    The weight will come off with time, it is completely normal. When you start chasing a toddler around, that will help! You can go for walks and take your baby and the stroller. That is good exercise!

    Please try to change your perspective about your body in the meantime. I think it'll help how you are feeling. Instead of focusing on clothing size, focus on viewing your body as something that just produced a miracle, your sweet baby.

    Sending warm thoughts your way!

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    I used to be a dancer, but then got really busy with my new career (teaching). I grew older and got an illness. My medication has caused me to be tired and gain a lot of weight. I have and still do have my bouts of insecurities but I am working hard on turning my body and health around. My fiance is a total fitness buff and trainer...this is what he's given me:

    The best thing that you can do is exercise. Do cardio and weights. Diet is key. No fad diets...they just don't work. Eat lean protiens (skinless chicken, fish), eat carbs like potatoes/multigrains/brown rice (YES you really can!!!! Just don't go crazy on anything WHITE like bread, pasta, etc.), fruit is sugar so don't go overboard. Eat LOTS of veggies and drink water! Eat 6-8 small meals a day if you can, this will keep your metabolism up. Yogurt also revs up your metabolism. If you plan to work out, the best time to do it is when you wake up.

    Don't be depressed, I'm sure you are beautiful. Push yourself and you will see the results. Hope this helps and good luck :)

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    First of all, that is perfectly normal. You are supposed to gain some weight when you are pregnant! You shouldn't be so depressed. My older sister is pregnant and she has gained, too. Alls I can suggest is maybe pick up a sport you really truly enjoy. I play tennis right now and 5 days a week I can play at this tennis center. They have a work-out routine we all have to do 2 days a week... it is really hard but I have noticed a huge difference. But honestly...just try and do something you really enjoy and get excersise too! Don't kill yourself over it!

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    I agree with jay on this one - a similar plan is outlined at donlemmon.com. It's geared toward muscle heads, but the principals are the same no matter who/what you are. The focus is on digestion - separating carbs from protien (because your body needs both) Really great tips & explainations in the book. I look better and feel better than I thought possible.

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    Feel free to be you it is not always about being the smaller than other people and you should be happy you have a child and you should shine a the way to the top

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    try to drink lots of water, cut the sodas tea, snacks, and get excersise.. there are things you can do with your baby to workout.. go walking with your baby.. or lay on your back and lift your baby in the air (instead of weights) the baby will love it plus its a great time to bond :) also google workouts you can do with your baby

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    Hang in and everything will work out - you'll go back to your original weight but it takes time. Chill out.

  • i reccomend the soup diet. easy way to lose wieght fast and nutritionally.(see link below) you can lose up to 10 lbs in 1 week!

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    exercise, water, vegi

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