How long was your Master's Thesis Defense?

How long did you speak and how long was your powerpoint? How many slides? Mine is growing much too large...How did you know what to shed?

What aspects of your thesis defense did you feel unprepared for? What do you wish someone had told you before you went in to the actual defense?

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    The primary purpose of your thesis and examination is to ensure that you have a comprehensive grasp on the area of study you chose. Your purpose in fulfiing this criteria is to identify the kind of audience and hence the level at which you will best communicate your ideas to them without much ambiguity. Whereas multi media is a tool to assist in presenting your ideas, you are the person being examined. You should therefore aim to present you ideas, being in charge of your presentation and not your presentation in charge of you. Multi media must only be used fit for the purpose of clarity and not abused.

    Usually your institution will have its own guidline as per length limit of thesis as well as the duration you are expected to present vs. the time alloted for questions/examination. You can consult your supervisor or administrative support staff on that matter. Additionally your institution will quite likely have copies of work examined already, which should conform to their accepted standard format required.

    Given the research that you have done, you have become an "Expert" in that field of study, and thier might be the tendency to include every detail..being highly critical, examining yourself.

    Segment your work into general areas, highlighting general areas/ideas without being too specific. Ask a friend to read through you work and to point out where they either have a question on the topic/ where they are not clear about what you wish to say. If you can get both someone familiar with that area of study and another further removed from your field of study to give you their honest opinion of your presentation then it should be a good guide for you. Most important though, the level at which you communicate in your field of expertise must be "fit" (clear with the appropriate level of detail) for the audience you are presenting your work to.

    Relax and pace yourself remembering, you are the Authority on the work you have produced...after all it is your own.

    Speak with your supervisor or administrators for additional advice on the institution's requirements and adjust your presentation to suit them.

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    I just did my Master's thesis last week. My talk was 45 min. long, and I had 42 slides. As to what you shed, try to keep the background info to an absolute minimum. Your committee already knows. And if they don't, they'll ask, and you'll know the answer. What was I unprepared for? I'd have to say the blank stares while I was talking. I swore my committee was sleeping. And I wish someone had told me to bring a pen with me.

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    I actually did my masters thesis defense before Powerpoint, only with transparencies and an overhead projector, but that's another story. I spoke for three hours and had approximately thirty slides. Q&A was another hour. I guess I was prepared since they gave me the degree :) Keep on track, don't digress, and LOOK EVERYONE IN THE EYE as you speak!

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    I have defended two thesis. My presentations were about 25 - 30 minutes. I kept the presentations that same:

    Short historical overview of the problem.

    Review of the previous studies and their short comings.

    Presentation of research and methodology.

    Conclusion of the research and areas that need additional study.

    Q&A should last about 20 - 30 minutes.

    Know the limitation of your knowledge and answer I don't know when you don't

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    Ask your thesis committee. I'm sure they have specific requirements they expect you to meet.

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    I spend about ten minutes into my powerponit and views. I did five minutes on my slides and I had four slides to present, and I highlighted the most important parts of the thesis.

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