Do men still look for a woman who is nice or am I part of a dying breed?

I'm tired of the guys who just want puddy, but being raised as a nice girl has really put a damper on my dating


Aw, you guys!!!! Thanks for the input. Saying "Puddy" just proves how much of a nice girl I am. By no means an angel but nice.

Update 2:

Batman, LOL...I do have big knockers!! I am very down to earth, relate very well to guys(2 older brothers), I have come away from dating because guys were looking at the knockers and not at me. All you nice guys that have answered, I'll keep my eye on you!!! Girls, thanks again so much.

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    your not alone. i'm with you i can't seem to find a guy who will court and do like they do in the old day. i'm sick of abuser and user. i want a nice guy who can see and respect my values and yet not hold my past against me. but many guys just want the easy girls and the girls they can snow over. which i never got why they have to look at the outside and not the inner person. but one day us nice girls will have a chance and we will find the most wonderful man well all our friends are with losers


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    Perhaps you're targeting the wrong guys. If you look for the kind of guys who are just looking for "puddy", that's what you'll get.

    That's not meant as an accusation - but are you looking for a nice guy? Or do you go for the bad boy, on the edge, fascinating in a dangerous way kind of guy? And then wonder when he expects you to be his latest conquest and thrill?

    Nice guys wonder if there's any girl out there isn't looking for a male model with millions of dollars who can wow and charm them 24 hours a day.

    Are there any women out there looking for a nice guy?

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    Interesting, I usually hear this about "nice" guys.

    Being nice isn't a bad thing and it won't stand in your way. However, being so nice that you let yourself be taken advantage of will mark you as an easy target, so be careful.

    A guy looking for a long-term relationship, if he has any class, will not insist on sex the first night or anything like that.

    If you're really a nice girl (just saying b/c I don't know you), you will do fine.

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    lol never heard 'puddy' before?! I'm a 'nice' girl and I have an amazing bf and used to be a regular on the dating scene...if anything being nice has served in my favour rather than against it.

    Not sure why its not doing you any good?!

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    4 years ago

    in reality anybody woman who's searching for a spouse to percentage their lives with needs the 'astounding guy' although, in a variety of of circumstances first impressions are not continually solid and should be deceiving causing one to make certain the demanding techniques that lots of the adult men that seem astounding and 'datable' wind up being the jerk-offs that deliver a lady down. the reason that it may seem that females human beings like those kind of adult men is because a.) they have not fairly seen the real fringe of the guy's personality b.) have invested too a lot time and emotion into coming up a courting with that human being c.) have low vanity and imagine that they deserve a lot less then what they fairly do (subsequently settling for the jerk-off d.) imagine that they can make the guy replace. that is gloomy that many women human beings will come to do not ignore that multiple the adult men that they are courting are not who they fairly were in the start yet many will take that as a lesson discovered and use that journey so that they don't finally end up in a similiar difficulty lower back and could with somewhat of success be in route of assembly that 'astounding guy' who appears 'element of a death breed'. I dated a variety of of idiots and changed into married to the 'king of jerk-offs' yet I discovered plenty about caution indications and what to seem out for and actual got here upon between the excellent adult men and couldn't be any happier. I merely wish extra women anybody is waiting to discover their prince with no need to kiss this variety of vast quantity of frogs in conceal. do not compromise who you're for someone else, someone will come alongside and luxuriate on your kindness and furnish you with the affection, repsect, and companionship that you deserve. reliable success and take care : )

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    Your not part of a dieing breed its just that romance isn't as strong as it was back in the day... people now a day dint want to much longer relationships... but more of a fling or one night stand and those who want more don't know how to go about getting it. But guys do like nice sweet women that are fun to be around and love.

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    Well......its part of the package that makes you YOU!

    If the guys just want the puddy....then you know its not for a long term relationship.

    If your looking for long lasting love...make sure the guy works really really really hard for the puddy.

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    well, i suppose i'm looking for some to have a future with, you know. a girl that is nice, sensative, has a good sense of humor. someone who i could really connect with on a personal level. someone i would not mind seeing everyday for the rest of my life. sure we are going to drive each other crazy, but it would not really be realistic to expect otherwise.

    oh, and huge knockers.

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    Yes, finally a nice person who asks! Sorry, I happen to be a nice teen (what are the odds of that nowadays?) ... you know, modest ways and all. That's why I love things from the 19th century- so feminine, decent... all of what I love... *sigh* Anyway, I'm tired of sex, sex, sex in such a sick way, and feel a bit despaired at the idea of trying to find RIGHT people! But, you just have to look and look, despite of all the... uh... darkness, I'll call it. So, good luck! I'm sure you'll find what's right for you. I wish you the best in your dating. ;)

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    Now days to men, it's not about personality, it's about how physically hot you are. I think it's stupid but then again, what else do you expect from men? And I am with you on this, but I'm not going to turn myself into a different person just to fulfill the wants of some guy.

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