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despair for my brother who lost his only son when he excepted a lift off a drink driver 7 of them killed?

on the 07/09/05 please can you help i am his only support and i am getting ill withe the pain he is going through, there are three other siblings they don`t even ring him his son was 19yrs and left a six month old baby at the moment the grandchild isnt helping my brother danny he has no interest in anything he lives on his own and has never been offered any social support he actually rang a preist and there was a que saying your call is important to us after 40 mins he gave up please help i wish it had been me and then u would`nt feel the pain so much rosie

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    having lost my oldest son age 34 and his 2 oldest sons ages 11 and 10 to carbon monoxide poisoning there is nothing you can do or say so he will feel better.

    he needs to live through each day get stronger and only then will he care about other things.

    i started a non-profit this yr in their names.and work very hard.

    please just listen to him and be there and thinking you wish it was you would not help him.

    i asked god to bring them back and take me,but i have to live each second,minute,hour,day and week. all he can do is that,1 second at a time. because we have to face it . life goes on without them

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    My story is different, but it deals with greif, so it might help. My husband's dad shot himself and my husband's work helped him and his mother out alot with the first few weeks by bringing meals to the house and just stopping by the house to lend a shoulder to cry on. At times like this, some people avoid the issue all together because they feel uncomfortable. Those people just don't know what to do. So for you I would reach out to the people that love you and your brother for support for the both of you. If eather of you have a church, call them for support. If not, call people you are close to at you and your brothers work. Believe it or not, work people can be like a second family, and sometimes treat you better that your real one. Good luck and God bless you and your brother. Time heals all pain.

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