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How do you change the headlight bulb on a 2000 Dodge Stratus?

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    There are 2 long bolts that are at the top of the headlamp assembly. Take them out and the headlight assembly will come out. Then twist the thing where the light is and it will come out. You also will have to twist the blinker light so you can take the assembly all the way off. It's pretty easy I have a Dodge stratus and have changed the lights myself a couple times.

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    ordinary bulbs use a filament which will very very last certain sort of complete hours. on account that they both headlights artwork at the same time, this isn't unpredicted that one will die following the distinct. they're in distinct circumstances bought in pairs and that is recommended that get replaced in pairs. the existence vast large difference between 2 ordinary bulbs can determination from 0 to few months and contained in the adventure that they were the unique gadgets, after 10 years, they were lengthy late. you're able to analyze the voltage of the courting, be sure the assembly isn't loose or difficulty to unusual vibration, yet except that i does no longer hardship too a lot till eventually the hot bulbs fail unexpectedly and presently.

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    take bolts out of headlight assy. and take bulub out then replace do not touch the new bulb w/ your bare hands it will cause it to bust

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    If you are not sure take the car to AutoZone or a similar auto parts dealer and they will show you.

    Good Luck

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