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Can I go to Ireland with Schengen visa?

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    Ireland is a Schengen country..however because Ireland is an island you will need your passport if you are coming from mainland Europe..travelling from North Ire into the South is no problem with little or no passport control!have fun Ireland is amazing!

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    can I travel to ireland with Schengen Visa

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    Don't think Ireland is a schengen country

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    The Republic of eire isn't a signatory of the Schengen contract, you may not use an Irish visa to commute interior of a few thing else of the ecu. the united kingdom isn't a signatory of the Schengen contract both. the ecu Union & the Schengen contract are SEPARATE issues. Schengen is an contract between member international places - both ecu & non-ecu international places are individuals of it - that enables holders of Schengen visas to commute freely between the international places. the ecu is the political & monetary union of ecu international places, each and every ecu u . s . a . controls it really is own immigration guidelines and they make certain for themselves even if or not they connect Schengen.

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    i dont know but IRELAND RULES!!!!!!!! and if u can dont forget to kiss the blarney stone! wutz a schengen visa anawayz???

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