can you buy a new car on time without a United States Social Security number on the contract?

A friend who is Brazilian went in to buy a car from a dealership. They let him drive the car off the lot saying everything will go through knowing that this person does not have a Social Security Number here in the States. Then they called him up and told him he needed to bring the car back because he can not get financed and because he did not have a social security number. So they kept his $500.00 deposit to pay for the mileage he had used and saying my friend still owed them almost $300.00 more for the rest of the mileage used.

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    You should never assume any contractual obligation through failure to produce a Social Security number. When the Social Security program was initiated in 1933, the federal government (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) said that your social security number would never be used for other than social security purposes.

    That means the only people who can require you, under penalty for failure, to supply an SSN is the federal government, and the only time the federal government can legally demand your SSN is for purposes relating to Social Security. All other uses of the Social Security Number are supposed to be voluntary on the part of the number's holder.

    Of course, we all know that our government lies. But if you remember your history, you should at least be able to embarrass the government in court and provide the American people with yet another reminder of how often the US government lies.

    Now, the question is, can a private business penalize someone for failing to produce a social security number. I really don't know what the answer is. A lawsuit might be the way to find out. If you can afford to file and pursue a lawsuit, that is. That's another thing about America: if you are the party who has been wronged, you don't get justice unless you still have enough money left to turn the judicial system's many cranks.

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    There is no LEGAL requirement to produce a SSAN to get a car loan. However, the lender is free to set their own requirements.

    Your friend should contact the IRS and get a Taxpayer ID Number. It looks just like a SSAN and serves the same purpose.

    The other issue is that he took part in what is called a "Spot Delivery". This is risky, since you are leaving the dealer's lot without having completed the loan process. Some states are going after dealers for this practice and forcing the dealer to carry the paper if they can't find a lender to buy the contract. He should contact the State Attorney General's office in the state where this took place.

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    you dont need a social security # to buy a car if your paying cash. Adealer would not let anyone drive offwith a car with the intent of financing without a social. but if they did and he has no # who are they going after? they cant track him with no #. i would cancle the check if there was one. if cash, your screwed

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    The ssn is the only way to track and check everything from job history to credit.

    He got scammed if he was upfront and told them about not having one.

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    Buying on time is based on your credit report. your credit rpt is cross referenced by using a social security number, no credit

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    Ha, ha, ha, ha!!! Salesguys will say anything to close the deal. Whatta rube, heheheheh...

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    ridiculous...he should consider a lawsuit ..

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    you don't need a s.s.# you can use your driver d.m.v. # instead

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