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Should I buy a Blu Ray or HD DVD player?

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    It is best to wait for one to win and the price to fall. If you must chose now, Blu-Ray is the way to go. The discs hold more data plus they have the most movie industry support at this time.

    The only reason some companies want HD-DVD to win is because they can use existing equipment to produce the discs. This means they are limited by existing technology. Blu-Ray is a new technology that has a lot more room for advancement.

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    The price will come down alot for both in about 6 monthes (particularly on blu-ray).The standard however probably won't exist for another 18-24 months. I recommend blu-ray when the prices become more reasonable because they have increased capacity (up to 100GB on quad layer disc). Blu-ray writers for computers will also allow you to carry non video files which is a big plus (you can backup an entire hard drive on one disc)

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    Don't buy either yet!! Wait until the prices go down and the most common standard prevails...

    if you must buy one, I suggest HD DVD. But you need HD DVDs and an HDTV to watch the movies properly

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