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Should not the god who sealed satan with a 1000 year seal live free?

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    What you wrote-"i was a first born the superior to all creation that gave me a right to be better that your lord jesus.

    this answer is in response to you calling me a blasphemer.

    you sound like those fools in the movie KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.

    who mostly died anyways.

    does not a PREIST be appionted to honour god?

    SO P=DI stitched together REIST describes the look of my wrist.

    so I AM=i am=iarri=I A IVI stitched together so thats basically ME so who is a bigger blasphemer? if you read ex.3.14 of good news bible.

    or because you don't like that god is not you you quote a different bible. thats just an excuse to deny god."


    You are such a fool. Not to mention sadly mistaken. Your post to me didn't even make sense. Are you a child attempting to sound clever? Actually, I will not even grace your daft mind with a counterclaim. Have a good one.

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    read the bible then you will get the answer. is the device from god. god seal satan since many years ago then release him is because wanted to judge hime more crime.

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    whow 1000 years... thats a long time... should he be dead right now???

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    Could you rephrase the question please?

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