why have we bought in on the line terrorism is un-stoppable unless we attack them first.?

IT seems to me this only leeds to more terror and where does it end.

SOMEone said one mans terrorist is anothers feedom fighter and surely a group of responcible people could control the travel of unsafe terrorists .

I am sorry if we may not allow some people in for a time but nothing is worse then our state department swinging deals to allow foriegn students from terrorist and middle east nations on our soil.

Sorry but we have plenty of proffesors that could go there if the price was right to educate the people in there own lands and broaden the perspective of our own proffesors who would live there and return .

MAYBE through understanding we could reach peacefull understandings of a culture as old and backward as an eye for an eye culture and go beyond it ourselfs.

FORCED peace and democracy will only proof disasterous for all partys involved and the backlash of terror is felt by the rest of the world and one day soon again by our own nation .they are going to do something to top 911


we do not know what or when or where but i know they will manage to do it to us again

if 50 tons of cocain and pot can make it in anything can.do not fool yourself a peace with these nuts is the only thing possible .

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    1 decade ago
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    I nominate you to go visit al queda and negotiate a truce;

    "hold on to your head"

  • 1 decade ago

    You've missed the point that Islamic terrorists are religious fanatics. You cannot sufficiently reason with them. You cannot force someone not to declare war on you. We didn't start this war, we had it thrust upon us. We didn't attack them first, they attacked us first.

    By freeing the Iraqi people, not only did we get rid of a very dangerous collaborator with terrorists, but we're going to allow the Iraqis to set up self-rule. Freedom is a natural desire of humans. We're not forcing anything upon the Iraqis. We freed them and now it's up to them to determine their own style of self-rule.

    In case you haven't noticed, we've spent the last few years crippling the terrorists' networks. Their infrastructure, networks, and cash flow has greatly diminished. And that's because we were proactive rather than just sitting around waiting to be attacked again. Is invading a country always the way to go? Of course not. But in this case, invading Afghanistan and Iraq was absolutely the right thing to do.

  • 1 decade ago

    Terrorism is never stoppable no matter what you do.

    America started their mess, now they have to get themselfs out of it.

    This would have never happend if the Allies didn't betray the Arab nations during WW2.

  • 1 decade ago

    We saw what happened when we ignored them. When someone's only goal is to kill you, you do not leave them alone, hoping they won't notice you. You strike however you can and try to eliminate the threat. You cannot reason with an unreasonable enemy.

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