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Will someone please tell me, how does a nasty divorce effect young children that is between 5-8 years old?

What does this do a child? When the mother leaves, does not take the child. When the couple cannot reason with each other, both fighting and ignoring their child? But bickering with each other, and plan to seperate.

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    i can answer this personally because it happened to me with my mom and dad..

    When i was 7 and my mom left i felt like no-one cared and all i was on this earth for was to be tortured.. well may 17 i was taken from my family cause i tried suicide and was baker acted and now live with foster parents.. so if someone ignores the child the child will feel like they are no good and won't see why they are on the earth and wanna die...... so my advice is not to ignore the child and try to work things out cause if you don't you might wake up in the future and turn on the news and see your child's name on there with suicide under it.... then your left to blame!!!!!!

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    I think the effect early on will not be big but later on the child will realize what they are missing. They will understand life better and actually know what a divorce is also the child will probably have issues with the parents having to go between them if they visit. All in all they will miss the company of the parent and the support emotionally, physically, spiritally, mentally, and finacially. Its usually almost never a good thing for a child unless the parents are not so good.

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    The child could become depressed, low self esteem. But if the adults stay in the marriage and continue fighting this will also effect the child.

    Both adults need to stop thinking of themselves and start thinking of the child. If they need to fight they can do it in private and never ever talk bad about the other in front of the child.

    Mom leaving child. As long as she keeps in contact with the child and spends time with him/her I wouldn't worry about it. It seems to me it wouldn't be any differnt from the father visitations.

    Besides if the mom doesn't take the child perhaps the child is better off. We wouldn't want mom snaping at the child because she is stressed.

    I couldn't ever leave my child behind but thats just me.

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    It tears their world apart. Abandonment, loss of a parent is huge. They usually think it is their fault. Assure the child that even though Mom and Dad are having problems, your love for the child will never go away. Child needs to hear that from both parents. Stop bickering and put the child first. Comfort your child and hold him/her a lot. Make sure he knows his feelings are valid and let him talk about them. If he cannot verbalize his feelings maybe he can draw a picture. Don't minimize the situation or try to pretend it's not there. Find a good professional counselor for yourself and the child. Please assure your child of your love every chance you get.

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    Uhm... well its not good for the child, thats for sure. It will be sad.

    Effects vary... some will turn to drugs (later on in their life). Some become depressive. Some will become agressive. Some will turn out perfectly normal......

    Alot of things can happen...

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    i can say that it's gone hurt them alot but when the get 12-13-14-15-16- they not going to care about him there going to move on with there life sometimes it will take a big affect on kids but it will make them stronger at the same time

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    Both of them need to knock it off and stop acting like a bunch of damn fools. They're really going to mess their kid up acting uncivilized. They're making things harder than they have to be.

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