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Do you have any tips?

I just got a kitten. Do you have any tips for me?

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    Take care of your new pet like it's a baby. Be sure to provide food and lots of fresh clean water. Be sure that it has all of the necessary vaccinations from the veterinarian's office. Kittens love to play so be sure to have some cat toys available to keep the kitten occupied. A clean litter box will be needed. It is best to train a kitten when it is young. You will need to have a litter scooper too to clean the litter box. A bedding area for your pet may also make them happy. If you are on a budget and cannot afford a plush pet bed, you can always get a small box and prepare it with a little pillow so that the little kitten can snuggle. Be sure that no harmful items (cleaning supplies, electric wires, etc.) are in areas where the kitten can get to. Remember that a new little kitten will tend to be curious, so be sure to protect and love it just like a baby.

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    I suggest you go to a veterinarian as soon as possible for a physical exam for your kitten and for any necessary vaccinations. New kittens should be kept away from all other cats until sufficient immunity has been built up in the system from the vaccinations especially rabies. These vaccines are usually done at 8, 12 and 16 weeks. Having some simple blood tests run for diseases would be an advantage as well as some parasite control. The veterinarian can also recommend a suitable diet appropriate for your pet as well along with proper grooming suggestions such as nail trimming, tooth brushing and fur combing. Enjoy!

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    well go buy some animal milk from the vet even though the kitten has been wing it still needs some of the neutritions cat food doesnt offer and introduce to a litter box usually once you stick a kitten in it a couple of times it always knows were to go to go potty and play with out all the time

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    We have 5! Cats are fun- they do not require as much attention as a dog. FIRST- get that kitty fixed. This is extremely important. Take the kitten to a vet for a checkup. After this, enjoy.

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    I just got a kitten not to long ago. And I had 2 male cats outside and they fight with him all the time....so keep your kitten away from other male cats if its a male.

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    She'll want you to pay attention to her, especially at night when she gets scared and cold. Also let her explore her surroundings, she's got to get used to where she is now. Make sure you put her food and water together but her litterbox at a distance. She won't want to eat her food if her litter box is near by (bathroom or laundry room is a good place). Just give her lots of love and attention!

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    My suggestion would be: Don't give him anything different that cat food. It is very difficult to make them like cat food if you don't teach them to eat it right from the start.

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    always make sure you give them fresh water and food twice a day. clean out the litter box frequently if you have one! and most important of all, GIVES THEM BUNCHES OF LOVE! the more love they get the more pleasant they are when they're adults! good luck! and have fun!

  • don't let it go outside until next summer if there are other cats in the neighborhood

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    Take care of it.

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