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DO pro writers out line their stories?

do what writ down ahade of them the carectors. the main plot of the story. the setting. how it will end. what will happen in the middle. and such?

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    Are you writing a story or are you just curious? Either way, I can help. Some writers do think outlines help them but some don't do them at all. It depends on the person. But if you don't like the school outlines, don't do these outlines. You don't have to outline a story, but it's your choice to. Writers try to figure out themselves where the story will go. It's better spontaneous, as Stephen King as said, and he's known for not doing outlines, because if you're surprised, the audience will be surprised. I believe you do have to have a little knowledge of what the story is going to be about, the characters, setting, etc., but you can discover more as you're writing. The characters, and things like that exist already as you begin to conceive them, they may change or not, depending. But you don't have to do an outline, it's a choice.

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    Most professional writers do start with an outline. That doesn't mean they follow it. It's just a starting point, so they can get their characters organized, figure out the setting, and rough out the plot.

    As they begin writing, it frequently happens that the characters take over the story and bring new twists to it, change the plot, change the outcome - all sorts of things can happen. But they really do need that initial outline to get the story in gear.

    Hope this helps.

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    I don't know about professional writers, but I know when I try to outline a story beforehand I feel like I am then stuck to that outline, even if I want the story to go another way as I am writing. I guess you can say it blocks my creativity, so I hate outlining. However, I know J.K.R. said she had the end of Harry Potter written out when she first started writing, and she has hardly changed the end six books later, so I guess it is helpful to some.

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    I think it definitely depends on the genre. For instance you say story. Well if you are speaking of a short story of some kind I would think it is personal preference.

    I am a newspaper writer however, and I never outline, even when working on a lenghty series. Media writers do work from extensive notes, an extremely important component for accuracy.

    I find outlining too restricting and time consuming no matter what kind of writing I am doing.

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    Many do - some don't. It also depends to some extent on the genre.

    If you're writing a mystery/detective story, for example, you'd almost certainly better outline.

    But some mainstream novelists just let the story and the characters carry the plot along as they go.

    Plot's not that important in mainstream literature, anyway. It's the characters that carry the weight.

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    Out of the interviews and public appearances I've read from multiple authors, a majority of professional writers outline their stories.

    According to their personality depends on how in-depth they would outline to write satisfactory.

    However, William Faulkner wrote "The Sound and the Fury" as he went along, with no intention on how exactly he wanted the characters to end up-- it just came together for him.

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    I do. It helps me visualize the entire story line as one giant picture. This way, I am able to refine my plot points and characterizations before I get to far into my actualy writing. I would definitely recommend writing outlines for beginning writers. Good Luck - and Write On!

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    Most have a pretty good idea of where a story is going. It doesn't have to be a formal outline, though. Just keep a firm idea of where your characters are at and where they're going and you'll do fine.

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    I think everyone has their own ways of doing things.. I don't work from an outline.. I usually have an idea where I am going but not always.. I have learned to give my characters freedom.. Hey, I might have them going to work one day, but the next thing I know, they are heading for the airport.. I don't know where they are going but it is fun to let them have their way.. it gives the work a lfe of its own.. where do dreams come from? where is creativity born? - inside somewhere.. Do whatever you feel works for you.. and let yourself be free enuf to let it happen..

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