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could this be a practical solution for the illegal immigration?

1-securing the border with state of the art equipment/ more border troopers.

2- guest worker program after a criminal back ground check and a physical exam, with NO path to citizenship. $5000 fine and learning english inorder to qualify. and no eligebility for ANY social/governmental assistant. ( for those who have been here for 5 years or longer)

the fines collected by the INS will help in building the wall and providing the border patrol with the equipments they need.

illegals will become legal meaning they will be able to contribute to our society fair and square.

if you dont like my ideas. please dont be rude.



well, if you dont pay the fine then you will not stay!!!

and like some said will be deported upon discovery.

the whole idea is to separate the good from the bad, the honest from the cheater.

i agree that many do cheat the government and apply for all the benefits they can get. buton the other hand there are also many good hard working people who deserve a second chance to prove that they deserve to stay. many of those pay taxes anddont apply for government assistance. and THOSE are the ones who deserve a second chance.

a guest worker program will benefit the country in many ways one of which is national security. it's easier for our national security agents to do their jobs if they know how to get a hold of every one living in this country.

imagine 12 million illegal living in the shadows and no one knows any thing about them!!!

i think it's a win win situation.

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    i like it

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    We absolutely need barriers such as security fences or the second someone has a new pet project the extra staffing, etc. will be removed and we'll have nothing. Barriers work.

    Another problem is schools which are the most expensive service we pay for and realistically can't be denied to children.

    Another problem is that the guest worker program isn't really what we should be giving people who have been here a long time, although we certainly don't want to give any family reunification ability to quadrupal their numbers. Maybe a 'special permenant residency' status is what they should have.

    On the other hand, any future increase in immigraton for labor needs to be protective of schools and services, either by having the employer fund them or by having these jobs be seasonal, with no family reunification rights, and they go home each year in the off season. People who stay longer don't leave.

    Or, if everyone doesn't think that is perfect, I think we need border security and to start putting together an employer database and national secure ID. During that time we can discuss the form of the other parts of the program, and have an official one year moritorium on deportations other than for gang members and people who commit crimes.

    The Senate Bill lets in too many people, period. It is bad whether it is implemented now or after the border is secure. Unlimited, screened immigration will have the same disasterous impact on education and our other services as illegal immigration has had.

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    Youre Entire Program Is NOT Cost Efficient

    To TRY To Just Health Screen 20 Million Individuals Is Ridiculous

    As If They Would All Make Appointments And Keep Them

    Especially The Criminals

    And If You THINK Anyones Gonna Pay A Fine

    Your Even Crazier

    Deportation For ALL Illegal Aliens Upon Discovery Is The Most Cost Effective Solution

    Enforced Employer Sanctions Will Reduce The Amount Of Jobs Available To ILLEGAL Aliens And Many Of Them Will Voluntarily Leave The Country, And They Will Return With Proper Documentation

    The Others (That DONT Voluntarily Leave) WILL Be Deported Upon Discovery

    And They Will Be Disqualified From Returning

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    I am Hispanic and the answer is not that simple:

    * secure the border

    * enforce the current laws with business this will force illegals out of business and business to pay a fair wage

    * no blanket amnesty or fines (the daisy chain effect is much more expensive)

    Allowing blanket amnesty will have a devastating impact on the middle class and will force working wages down and once legalized the NEW citizens will unionize and increase the cost of products.

    American companies need to pay living wages and Americans will take the jobs. Illegals and the such only make it more difficult for middle class folks to get good jobs. It use to be just working in the fields but real jobs in construction, food service and other areas are being taken away from Americans because the wages are going down not up.

    SECURE THE BORDERS AND HOLD COMPANIES ACCOUNTABLE TO THE CURRENT LAWS .. then in 10 years lets see where we are at.

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    My husband and I were talking the other day and the one thing he said was that they should have to pay a fee to stay here, now how do you collect it, by garnishing their wages until they have paid the set fee. It would be away to come up with the needed funds to help secure the borders and once the fee was paid they would get a certificate or something that would allow them to continue and not be harassed. We also feel that any back taxes should be paid, if they want to stay here. You have some great ideas, unfortunately I don't think we will ever see many of your ideas. I am all for people coming to our country, but they must respect and follow our laws. And yes I do believe that English should be a required element to it also. There are too many divisions happening because of language barriers. I am against tearing apart families who have been here many years, but again there has to be some sort of consequence for their actions or we aren't going to solve the issues. That has been the problem all along, no consequences for coming here illegally.

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    I think that what you are saying is an excellent start to getting the situation under control. There is one problem, with the last two amnesty bills very similar laws were already applied, and ignored. The only real difference is the fence, and high tech costs that will come out of the American tax payers pocket, no matter how much money is acquired from fines, if any. Illegals don't want anything if it is not free, that is one reason they came across the border illegally.

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    1 decade ago

    I dont like the guest worker program - its not fair to those who are waiting in line the legal way. We should have locked the borders when they all came down to vote in Mexico.

    And.. where are these illegals going to get $5,000 each for fines? Most of them dont make a large sum of money.

  • 4 years ago

    For the gov and regulation enforcement agencies to completely start up implementing our immigration guidelines. close the border, provide up all sorts of help to illegals, no hiring illegals, No public training for unlawful youthful toddlers, and no renting or promoting sources to an unlawful, start up implementing this stuff and the illegals will go away on their personal. even as an unlawful is stuck for some thing deport them in the month if no longer faster. also no better computerized citizenship to youthful toddlers of illegals..... an unlawful ought to no longer be in a position to furnish start to an computerized citizen........doesn't make experience.

  • Julie
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    Except for the guest worker program I like it. At least this shows that people are trying to come up with solutions to this criminal invasion. So now how do we get the government to get off their lazy butts and start doing their jobs?



  • Anonymous
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    Sounds good to me, although more equipment/border troopers = more money the american taxpayers have to pay.......unless the 5000 you mentioned was put back into the supporting of those

  • hexa
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    1 decade ago

    I like it, except for the worker program, I think the French have something like that and they are bogged down with that program, no body goes home when their time is up, why go home to no job.

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