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do we have to watch the 1st Pirates of the Caribbean movie before watching the 2nd?

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    i would watch the first, if you dont you are going to ask the person next to you a lot of questions to understand the 2nd movie

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    Oh yes, unless you can pass a 20 question test they won't let you into the movie theatre. In some places they have emergency, "Watch the Black Pearl and get a certificate" riggs set up. That way you can skip the test. If you can somehow sneak into the theatre though and watch the second and you get caught, the people in hollywood have very severe ways of dealing with you. Like making you watch every Shirley Temple 5 times.

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    u dont need to u should at least watch the end of the first movie that way it makes a little more seince pay realy close to the end of the first and all of the second or else u will miss good stuff

    hope this will help i already saw the movie twice in the same day i saw the midnight showing and then 1 at 615

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    I would advise it. It is an awesome movie! But about the second, I did watch the first last year and I noticed that I was confused in a lot of parts and my friend was like "oh remember from the last movie....?" . There are lots of references from the other one, as well as a lot of not-main characters that return that I couldn't recognize and was hopelessly confused.

    Anyway, you don't HAVE to see it, but it will certainly help you enjoy the new one!

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    You dont have 2 but if u do it will help u understand the 2nd 1 better.

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    Yes! For goodness' sakes YES. If you don't see the first movie before the second you'll be lost. Believe me, the first movie is EXCELLENT. Well worth it for the eye candy alone.

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    yeah u should watch the first before becuz then you'll get more of it in the second one becuz they're connected

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    i think you should because you get to know the characters more i am ten years old and it gave me a lot of info

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    i would recommend it other wise you will be a little confused in some area's but actually if u don't mind the the confusion you would be good

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    Yeah it will help alot!

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