how would you post a picture that you have on a disposable camera?

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    Get the picture developed and scan it into a Jpeg at any Walmart or Walgreen's or CVS pharmacy or Eckerd's then put it on your computer and post away. Take a blank disk with you that's writable or you can even put it on a flash memory stick if you have one.

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    When you go to get the pictures developed, you can ask them to make a picture CD for you. Then you just take the photo from the CD and upload it like any other from your computer.

    If that costs too much, you can also just get the pictures developed and then scan them into the computer using a scanner. If you don't have one, usually places like the post office or smaller print shops have those.

    And actually, even places like Albertsons and Walgreens have a photo station, where you can scan your pictures into the computer, as well as make the picture cds from the photos that you choose.

    Hope this helps!

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    you can scan your picture as everyone suggests. Or you can when getting the film developed just have it added to a DVD. You can then put any of the pictures off the DVD onto your PC save them for future use. E-mail to friends, post on the net etc.

    Or if you have had them developed you can go into your local Wal-mart, Wal-greens or whom ever has a Kodak picture maker. scan those pictures and opt to have them put on a disk.

    Even if you have a digital camera those machines are great. I get pictures made, disks for future use. you can do all sorts of fun things. Make cards, invites, calendars.

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    Process the images to a digital format (ie: Kodak photo CD), or if that isn't available, scan the prints to a digital file. Transfer the file to one of many locations where you can create online photo albums. is a good place to start.


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    Get it developed and ask for a Picture CD.

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    Well, you would have to get it developed at a local photodeveloping center, use any scanner available and then save it as GIF or JPG and post it.

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    Get it developed and scan the print in. Ask if they can put your pics on disk. Often they can then you can just upload the pic from the disk.

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    Same answer. Develop, scan, post.

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    u have to have them developed and put on a cd then install them on ur computer

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    scan / save on desktop or folder then upload

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