Is there a way to stop racism?

My mother, father, and step-father all are slightly racist. I myself have predjudices wired into me, which I try to ignore. Is there a way to stop this circle of hate?

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    the only way to stop racism is to stop ignorance study other cultures and maybe if your lucky racism wont rub off on your own children when you have them

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    Very mature of you to recognize that you have your own set of prejudices. We all do - but I don't think we all know that everybody is not a racist. It takes a heavy handed group or government in order to enforce racists ideas -I mean, you are one person -can you really stop a minority from attending a school of their choice ? No. So, you can't be a racist. You can have opinions and ideas that as you said have been wired into you. The best thing I suggest to you and to all who have this question - read, read, read. The more you read information and history about people and ideas, the more you read about the good that people have contributed, the more you read about the different lifestyles that people live - not all people live in the ghetto, not all black men (for example) walking the street at night want to rob or hurt someone -you get the idea - we have a way of coming up with our own ideas based on the news and the rumors that are carried in our heads. Stop the circle of hate by making sure you include all kinds of people in your friendship ring. Don't discriminate and pigeon hole people. Learn each individual as a person on their own merit. And love in your heart - no matter what. Even when people do ugly things to us, find a way to say - "I will not let them win by making me a hater". Ignoring the issues really don't make them go away a- read and educate yourself, talk to other minorities and get real ideas and opinions. You will find that we have all been wired with stereotypes that we are not proud of. I don't ignore, I just open my heart up to learning the truth. Then, the ignorance will disappear and be replaced with the truth.

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    You can stop it in yourself, but converting the world is next to impossible. For you, though, you can stop some things by putting your foot down. If a friend is trying nto tell a racist joke, stop them. Smile at people who look different than you. If you are feeling ill feelings towards another race or religion, read up about it or go to an activity that is comprised mainly of those people.

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    Yes...Accept others for who they are instead of by the color of their skin...I live in the Southeastern USA...Racism has been a big issue here as you undoubtably know...I find that just taking the time to get to know a person of the other race breaks down barriers...You don't have to bring about huge social changes like MLK, Jr...but you can treat others as you would like to be treated. You do it one person, one step at the time. I have met some absolutely beautiful people of another race...or nationality.

    Let the change begin with you. Be an example and don't particularly care what others think. You are bigger than that.

    Source(s): History of the South...personal experiences....
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    Pass a law requiring everyone to marry someone of a different race and faith in a few generations the people of earth would be homogenized . With no separate races, no more racism and maybe no more wars over religion

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    well every little step counts. so you don't be racist and teach your kids not to be. and they will teach there's not to be and so and so on. and then you've done you part. if everyone does there part

    we can make a difference. there will always be racist people in the world. but maybe one day they will be the minority

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    Yes -- ignore everything you've been taught and see everything without pigeon-holing the situation.

    The way to stop it is to teach your kid (when you have one) or your younger brother/sister that everyone is a human being and should be treated like one. That simple.

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    the computer you're typing on, the screens we're reading it on, you and i are, at the subatomic/particle physics level, made up of energy - particles, forces and such.........all "isms" are merely the value judgments we place on things we perceive as different, perpetuated by family, society, religion.....understand and resolve this in ourselves and there is a profound sense of how ridiculous and sad our prejudices really are.....find a way to make everyone understand this and you may have stumbled upon an eternal secret of human salvation......if you remember, cite me in the bibliography..

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    Just ignore those prejudices and see everyone for who they really are, not judging a whole group.

    P.S. I can relate to what you're saying, because my parents/grandparents are the same.

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    Read inspirational and spiritual books..Try to find about yourself and what you enjoy the most than thinking about racism.

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