how do I load songs from my friends ipod to my computer?

can i transfer songs from an ipod to my computer

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Plug in the ipod, then go to my computer. One of the drive letters should be the ipod. Double-click, and access it. **If you don't see a folder labeled 'Ipod_Control', then go to 'Tools', then 'Folder Options'. Click on 'View', and click on 'Show hidden files and folders'**. Double click on 'Ipod_Control' and then double click on the 'Music' folder. You should see a bunch of folders labeled somthing like 'F35', or somthing similar. All of those folders contain the music, so, just copy and paste all of the folders to somewhere on the computer.

    Small Warning: If you do this , then all of the song names will be messed up on the computer, not on the ipod. There are programs that can get the music off of an iPod, but they cost money...

  • Using itunes you can only go one with with Ipods and thats to them.

    But you can access them like an external HDD.

    There is also software available for this(10-15 bucks at CompUSA)

  • 1 decade ago

    plug the ipod, go to my pc, later to tools-folder all folders and files. then open the ipod like if it were a memory, without i tunes... it appears like a disc or something.

    in there, in one of the hidden folders (i cant remember wich) u will find all the music

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Plug in the iPod

    2. Have him sign into iTunes

    3. Start downloading

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