lsat question... i sat down and took one of the practice test from the official lsat superprep books and?

i got a 156... now i havent done much research or studyin and i jus sat down at my kitchen table set a time to 35 minutes for each section... like it said... and didnt take any breaks and had very little interference at the house ... but my question is im abou to study the kaplan lsat 180 2007 edition book and is it feasable for me to reach the 170's... if not from that what can i add to help me along.. me weak section was the reading.. i did well on the logic reasoning sectoins...and ok on analytical reasonings(the games)... actually i would have done better but i missed 4 because i simply misread one line and then had to skip them cause nothing made since... but the reading was my weakest .... anywho... if any one can help id love to hear some encouraging advice... :)

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    I'd say that you should spend the money and take a class from a national company (Kaplan, Testmasters, Powerscore) or a local one if there's one in your area. My class helped me improve by 15 points. In a class you're going to learn methods that you can use for every question type, and drilling those methods will be crucial for a successful test. Even if you feel like the books will be enough, a class will help you excel. I taught a guy who was getting 168-170 on practice tests by studying from books, but he wanted to break that 170 barrier. With what he learned in class, he got a 178. Take the class, work hard, ask questions, and you'll probably be fine.

    Source(s): I'm a successful LSAT taker and a former LSAT and GRE teacher for a national company.
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    I think that the most important thing you can do is just take more and more tests under test conditions. The LSAT, like all standardized tests, really tests your ability to take the test and nothing more. The more comfortable and familiar you are with it the better you will do. Also, I know from when I took it, when you really take it will be very long and stressful. So the more comfortable you can make yourself with it, the more relaxed you will be. The big thing for getting that high of a score is concentration. Each question isn't that difficult, it's really an endurance test. Can you keep focused on a million little details over many hours without making stupid mistakes.

    Anyway, good luck! I'm just glad that I never have to take it again :) Just wait til the bar exam!!!

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